Stone on both sides of pieces needed

I think it would help make the Bases and Houses that we build look much nicer if we had another set of building pieces per tier with the Stone / Brick look on both sides of the pieces as well as a set with the Wood Beams on both sides for more options for building.

Some area’s I build just look tacky with the wood paneling showing on the interior, especially Castles. Having some wood on the interior looks good but having a large wall inside a castle just wood paneling doesn’t look right.

Same time when building a small House or Cottage the Stone on the interior looks bad as well.

I’ve built using foundations as walls but that just makes the footprint of the structure too large, I really think pieces with just the stone/brick on both sides would be really nice and I bet it would be easy for the Developers at Funcom to accomplish this.

They already have the pieces and the textures on both sides all they would need to do is copy the pieces and replace the wood texture on the one side of the piece with the stone/brick textures and rename the new pieces, all done.

Sandstone Wall (Original ) = Stone on the out-facing side and wood beams on inward facing side.
Sandstone Wall.a (New) = Stone on both the outer-facing side as well as the inward facing side.
Sandstone Wall.b (New) = Wood Beams on both the outer-facing side as well as the inward facing side.

Just a thought.


This is actually the reverse of what I suggested a couple of weeks back:

I think we can argue that both pieces would have their uses.


I guess they need to add two more versions of pieces then lol
I revised my post =)

I definitely have uses for both double sided interior and exterior walls and had been considering making a similar suggestion. Far too often for my taste, I have to make frustrating decisions about whether an eyesore wall or walls will be interior or exterior and ultimately what I can jam onto or in front of it in order to hide the result.

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I’m right with you on that, makes building nice looking structures harder then it needs to be.

While I agree with the stetic argument, It seens the wood parts or the backside of the walls are meant as support for the wall.
maybe there could be a half foundation wide wall base that supports a wall on each side? Maybe fence foundations could be adapted for that.

Another thing I’ll mention as it relates to walls is more an issue rather than suggestion and exists in other aspects of building as well.

But, specifically for walls, if I can do a thing with walls, I should be able to do it in the most intuitive and least cumbersome/frustrating way. So, I can have walls on either side of stairs, but only if I build them before the stairs. That one is not so bad, but it gets annoying when altering aspects of your build such as adding additional walls, etc. and you must destroy your stairs then build your walls then build your stairs again.

Also, foundations and walls. There have been times where I was enjoying the euphoric pleasure of builder’s bliss, even somewhat recently when able to place walls right on my existing foundations. Ahh, what sweet, savory succulence. However, currently and sporadically throughout EA, we’ve been unable to do so. YET–see? That’s a BIG yet–if I place walls beforehand, I can drop foundations against them. This one is much more cumbersome and frustrating. This is in relation to wanting a uniform look as well as simply hiding/disguising your foundations.

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I agree with you 100% there =)
Have had those issues along with other build issues.

That might be what Funcom thinks walls would be supported. But if you look at most castles they were stonewalled, not much wood was used the structural integrity was from the interlocking stone cut blocks with mortar.

The only wood used in the construction where the floors above the main floor and some accents this was to reduce the danger of fires breaking out if the castle were ever to become under siege.

This is the reasoning behind my idea of having Wall tiles with just stone on both sides. I know that buildings in the game don’t catch fire but I want the inside of my fortress to look like a fortress and not a summer cottage.

P.S. Fence Foundations won’t work… they won’t snap together to form a box… there is always part of the Foundation sticking out past the end of the cross section

All the wood inside should be Stone, but can’t flip the wall pieces due to the fact the wood would be on the outside of my small fortress and would look just as ugly on the outside as it does on the inside…

So having extra Wall and doorway building pieces with stone on both sides would be nice

Same as having wood paneling on both sides if you choose to use them.

I’m not saying to replace the current walls and doorways, I’m simply saying ADD more pieces.

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Yes its needed, and howe many timed havent the wall poped up om worong side spec when you build Quick or need to stand in a bad spot to see.

But then you need beater filters on the list, its quite cloged upp as it is alredy.

Absolute agreement here.
The inside in Wood has hurt my designs more than once.

Additionally we should have a tiered filter like:
-> Building Items
----> Tier 2
------> Insulated Wood

So we do not have to scroll trough all the other crap all the time.

P.S.: Inverted Parts should definitly not be named “Inverted Insulated Wood …” but “Insulated Wood Inverted …” So that they are with all the other pieces when order is alphabetically

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