Interior walls and doorframes

I know these couldn’t be added until AFTER day 1, but I thought I’d suggest it now.

I would like to suggest walls and doorframes for all tiers of construction designed only for interior use in buildings. These would be identical to the same tier wall/doorframe, but would visually look like the inner walls on both sides. These would be for separating a building or floor into two or more rooms. It’s purely aesthetic, but half the reason I play this game is “pretty pretty base building”.

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Disagree. Besides there is a specific Journey Task in the game that is upgrade a building item - such as wall, foundation block, etc.

And making these would not effect that. These would not be replacing the current walls / doorframes. These would be in addition to and be part of the same tier group (T1 Sandstone, T2 Stonebrick, T2 Insulated Wood, T3 Reinforced Wood, T3 Black-ice Reinforced wood, etc). They would have the same stats and functionality as the regular wall / doorframe of it the same group, the only difference is that the “inner wall” mesh is on both sides of the wall / doorframe. That way, if I make a tower and divide a floor into 4x3 rooms for my clan members to use as bedrooms, there’s no arguing about who gets the rooms with all interior walls, and who is stuck with the room with the outer walls. ALL the walls have the interior mesh and looks pretty.

I agree. Interior walls look weird because they look different on each side.

I also propose window shutters and glass windows, especially for upper lever construction.