We still need interior walls

Yes this is the latest in a list of interior walls threads starting with one in early 18 but here we are in 2020 with no interior walls and Ill bet I’m not the only person who still wants them.

I would be happy enough just having walls with the interior side on both sides so I don’t have exterior walls on my interior rooms.

I might pay for a DLC that gives a range of single sided interior walls that I can layer over existing walls and get a single look for each room regardless of what kind of wall is on the outside. This would be great for the base game walls which have interiors that just look like the unfinished backs of exterior walls. The DLC packs have some nice looking interior sides but they should come with interior only pieces.


Yes, this should be added. The Age of Calamitous mod does have pieces that are interior on both sides and also ones that are exterior on both sides. I can’t imagine it being that difficult to implement and it would really improve the building options.


We need walls, beams, fixed carpets (currently large carpets clip through foundations), shutters, curtains, cutlery, all that. The more interior design, the better.


Yeeee I want them all , plus I would like to have the option for my working thralls to dye their uniform . But to be honest I ask a lot . Interior walls , interior fences and stair bars are necessary . I bought savage frontier dlc because of the railed stairs .When I saw that you pass through the rails I was really disappointed :woman_facepalming:t6:. I hope our voice will reach the bosses heart and he will give an order for this to be done . Nice topic mine thank you .

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I‘d also like to get double doors and maybe gateways that are only a total of 2 walls high.


The best addition there ever could be! :slight_smile:

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I dream about the day . . . :star_struck:

I use the Khitan walls for interior walls, both sides look exactly the same, no design just a simple wood wall, its perfect.

Heck yeah! Its a minimum effort for the devs and it would double the joy when designing Buildings!

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Me too!

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Would love that and gladly pay for a pack of interior walls that match at least most of the different building styles


sure but fix the fkn grain on the wedges first. seeing them all whopper jawed in other ppls houses grates my on nerves like country music.

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