Interior and Exterior walls

Many of the walls, frames and doorframes have an outer side and an inner side, most of the reason why i see mostly big open boxes of builds, id imagine, is for the same frustrating reason as myself. A lack of good looking interior walls. Walls that have 2 inner sides instead of an outer side. And curtain walls for defense could be 2 outer sided walls. I think this would make dramatic improvements to the looks of most builds, and allow for more intricate building interiors, as well as giving fence foundations a bit more love, by giving them suitable walls for defense.


It is years now of this discussion. Ofcurce there are work arounds to make it good looking inside but some dlcs, for example the pict the inner side is so beautiful, so damn beautiful that I would love only for this wall to have inner walls in this game.I mostly used the arena or the lattice. Other than that I get used to it so now I don’t pay attention anymore. But I would love inner walls.


One way to solve this would be a system that allows repainting of walls, floors etc.


I just use khit, yam., or arena in my interior walls These can work with most T3 builds.


I hope they include some interior walls in future DLCs, but I have no hope of seeing them in existing DLCs. Funcom does not add new pieces to old DLCs.

If you’re building on the ground floor, though, you can use fence foundations for interior walls. Most of them are symmetrical.


I’ve seen a mod give interior walls. It was pretty much interior versions of regular walls (sandstone/stonebrick/reinforced stone/insulated/blackice), but I cannot remember which mod did it. They pretty much just took the interior side and applied it to both sides. Since it was using ingame textures, I’d imagine the load was pretty light.

I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this in the regular game myself. Especially since if FC did it, it would apply to DLCs too.



Yeah but that doesnt really fit all builds.

Yeah i dont buy that excuse of “we have no motivation to do so since it wont make us extra money” like man, cmon, if that were the case why do any patches at all? Why is it ONLY the DLCs that never get patches? Funcom seems to be the only company that doesnt see a need to update DLCs just because they have our money already.

I would also love the option to be able to skin foundations with the wall texture. Quite often when building on slopes exteriors end up looking terrible due to the need for stepped foundations. Being able to skin them like walls would make buildings look so much better.

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