Double-sided walls/doorways/etc

Would be really cool if there were versions of the DLC walls and doorways (maybe window frames, too) that had the same texture (i.e., “inside” and “outside”) on both sides. GCAM works for the base-game tilesets, but I’d love to be able to use the DLC sets without having to either stick with single-room-per-floor buildings or have exterior textures in interior areas. Seems like it would be a relatively quick and simple thing to add, too.


The mod “Glass constructions and more” has a lot of these already.

It would be great! Unfortunately, various people from Funcom have already stated that they have no plans on going back and updating DLCs. The good news is that they seem to listen to our feedback and make new DLCs accordingly. For example, the Argos DLC leak shows several building pieces people have been requesting for a long time.

TL;DR: I love your suggestion and I hope they keep it in mind for future DLCs.


Another way to change the inside appearance of walls would be to have a skin like the fence foundation that you could pull over your inside walls.

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Been asking for this for ages. I’d love for some of the past DLCs to get exactly this sort of treatment, even if such walls were T2 instead of T3.

Similarly, I’d love to get non-spiked/climbable versions of all the T3 fences. Having only the rustic-looking stable fences and lattice half-walls as viable options (sans mods), is disappointing.


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