Interior walls idea

Just a little suggestion, I would love to see specifically designed wall options for interior walls that have the same texture on both sides. Building bases for the aesthetic gets a little frustrating when the rooms start looking weird because of the wall sections, I’d even be happy if it was just low tier wooden walls that people on PvE servers can use to make better looking bases


As usual, there is a mod already doing that. I am not sure which, I’ll have a look and see if I can find it.

That doesn’t help people on consoles

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Doesn’t help people playing on Official servers either.

It’s GCam (Glasconstructions and more) by I-emerge

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that would be the best addition to the game there is. it looks so bad when you have blackice walls facing the wrong direction just because you build a room into a bigger house/building. i always try to use khitan instead but thats not what i really want to use with some building styles because it does not really fit. plsssss funcom, that would be an amazing addition.

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