Immersion Suggestion: Internal Walls

One thing that is bugging me when building bases is the wall textures. Can we have it so that we can pick an internal wall style that has the inner face on both sides of it? Just kind of breaks the immersion to have the stone face inside of the rooms


THAT is a wonderful idea! It soooo bugs me when I’m building interiors!


This bugs the heck outta me too. I was stoked to see the Kitlan DLC walls to be the same on both sides. Until they come out with another one, these will make up all of my inner walls.


This!!! Makebit happen Funcom!!

I have to agree with that. Particularly when trying to build with T3 “vanilla”. Aquilonian marble is not so bad. Black Ice doesn’t exist (for me).

Insulated wood is probably one of the least offensive in this regard, and since I prefer PVE I can get away with sub-optimal choices for the sake of immersion. But not everyone can, or wants to do this.

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This is the same with quite a few building games, and I’m absolutely behind this idea.

Different versions or foundations/floors would be nice too. Having a large open area entirely tiled with aquilonian foundations is a bit much for the eye. A ‘plain’ and ‘fancy’ version of basic objects would be great! Maybe the fancy versions require crystals or dyes, it would certainly spice up house plans from being all the same color and pattern.


I have to agree with OP. However I would like to take it a bit further. How if we could Paint (Dye) the internal walls with our own colors.

This way the inside pattern would change somewhat and it would be possible to create unique decorations inside.

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Yes, this is a nice idea. Not a new one by any means, and its status as per the latest update is “cut (for now)”. So Funcom is aware of it, they probably like it, but it’s a big job and won’t happen any time soon.

Yeah I saw that Dye Buildings was cut. But here we are talking about internal wall decoration… Maybe it is the same, but if you use internal walls (new contruction piece) it might be easier to develop. So maybe it is 50% of the job.