Add Indoor/Indoor Walls And Door Frames

One thing that majorly annoys me when building is having walls become mismatched when designing rooms. For me to get around it I have to make tons of closets to hide the outsides of walls, thus losing tons of general floor space. There needs to be indoor/indoor walls and doors. Outside of the primitive stone walls, which don’t have to be changed, it should be very easy to copy and paste the interior texture map onto the exterior side. It shouldn’t take somebody more than 5 minute to convert and update old assets.


There is one of the Dlc walls that is the same on both sides I am not home to check but I think it’s Taurean I understand about having matching walls.

Pretty sure it’s the Khitai set that has the walls that are the same inside and out.

yesyes forever again yes

They should at very least add the arrow from one mod to the game that allows to see which side is interior, which is exterior.

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In addition: please, please add missing parts to the existing dlc’s. For example: Why are inverted stair corners missing in the great Argossean DLC?


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