Smaller Building Pieces


The availability of smaller building pieces. Like smaller foundations, roofs, tiles, etc. I think it’d be pretty cool.


No sure what smaller is to you, but I would like to see half walls, and diagonally cut foundation pieces.


i agree, halfwalls would be great, horizontal and vertical ones, or able to flip. But also different gates, lower ones for example.


Half pieces is a good way of putting it.


I would like to see right triangle pieces, that would fit in the corner of 2 square foundations, but that would require a longer wall size. I also agree with the more doors, there are no 2 block high double doors. Half height walls would be sweet though.


I’d sell my fristborn into thrallery for some double sided walls. As in when you build rooms in ur house - you have to deal with “outer side” inside… looks so bad imo. Would be so much better having a wall for indoors, with both sides being “inner side”.


Khitan walls are plain both sides but they are from paid DLC though.


I know, duh. But it still would be nice to have option for vanilla tiers.