Variations for the standard wall.... half sized foundations and "water" blocks

As owner of 3 DLCs i am a lil bit dissapointed, when making a new character it takes a lot of time to be able to build up nice looking houses. My suggestion: make a version of the wall themes which cost equal to the sandstone walls and share their hitpoints.
Also an halfsized foundation would be nice to make rooms with -lets say 3 stairs downwards into an lower area of the room…
I would love to se some special blocks for building up ponds and pools. some cascadestairs etc to it would be nice too.


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A tip for ya regarding the lower area of the room.

Build a foundation, say 10x10, make sure its raised not to its max, but about halfway there.

Leave 2x2 empty foundations in the middle.

Build a wall around one side of the 2x2.

You should then be able to place a foundation into the empty 2x2 area, along the “wall”…

But it has the option of being raised, or lowered slightly.

You can then snap the remaining 3 foundations in place and have a low area in the center of a 10x10 room.

I am all for more building options. I do think “smaller” options are less likely than “larger” options. Simply because smaller means = more = limited server resources.

Regarding the water/pond blocks. I think that is a great idea.

And for it to switch to said parts when a modifier key is pressed before parts placement. It’s already too much of a chore having to craft each and every other piece separately as is.

what if they just came up with multiple Tiers and designs for bath house “tubs”. something like the altars and fountains that can be upgraded. Even have the water be dye-able like the radium torches. Can make the water blood red if one wanted. Simpler mechanic as it would be based on the well in game assets right now.


I like the way your mind works. +1

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Yeah, sometimes us humans are trying to re-invent the wheel, when all we need to do is put some rubber around the rim.

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Here is a bit of a demo on how to do the multi-leveled foundation tiers that GodisGood was describing.

Sadly - it is impossible to snap a stair piece between foundations with a tiered rise like this.

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I’d also really like it if they made some T2 versions for the various DLC building sets, if for no other reason than to have decent looking railings without the anti-climb spikes. Seriously, who wants to have a spiked railing on an internal balcony? It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!

Also, I’d really like it if some attention was paid to the appearance of Sandstone and Stonebrick construction. Namely, it would be nice if the color & texture of these pieces more closely matched that of the native rock in the biome in which it is used. It’s not that I begrudge people for wanting to build in an inexpensive material, but it’s ugly as sin seeing orange bases in the middle of the snow or on the green hills of the Highlands.


we should be able to make some basic dye versions of T1 and T2…gray, dark green, dark red


I would absolutely love it if sandstone/stonebrick would become darker in certain regions (jungle/far north) depending on where it was built. Like you said, even the rocks you are harvesting are different colors.

Maybe re skin sandstone/stone brick into 3 or 4 versions of itself, just so people have that option.

Ez addition, would add a lot to the game.


Thanks for the video link. Conan Exiles building system is the best I have encountered by far. It’s not ALL super intuitive (you have to learn the kinks through trial and error) but it certainly allows for a lot of creative input. Given many are limited to a controller, the degrees of freedom are substantial. I have seen lots of beautiful bases.

My only regrets so far in regards to the building system… The diagonal support beam nerf.

I was so ticked when they gave that to us, then took it away. ****! I had so much planned, totally re-made my interest in building. Then gone, cause of “sploits”. -.-

I would love to see diagonal support beams integrity reinstated, after the sploit is fixed, if its a fixable sploit.


There’s a couple of mods with water blocks, but they are non functional as far as swimming and interaction. It’s purely cosmetic. It’s a bit beyond me but it’s a limitation with the physics engine, or something, or at the very least, very complex.

The way the support beams were designed makes it so they aren’t fixable without an exploit issue (I spent a dozen hours easily of mod time trying to create a mod to bring them back). I’m not enough of a coder to know what you would have to do to the stability system to get them to work like they used to (a cheaper less powerful pylon) but I know that within the confines of what exists now with regards to the building system, it isn’t possible to return to what they were.

I did get them to work again in the mod I made, but it’s patch work at best and doesn’t work super well at all (order of operations has to be considered in order to get them to work right, major pain in the rear).


Thanks all of you for the answers i will try to build the lowered space verry soon :slight_smile:

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