Building blocks

Good time of the day. Maybe it’s time to get some of new building blocks in to the game. For example double doors? And why we can’t place a fence on a slope wall? it’s not normal i would say.

Double doors would look cool for any RP or PVE content. And as for the PVP we at least wont be stuck in 1 doorway. If anyone like’s the idea let’s bring it to the top, but if no one cares… well let it drown in history.
Best of luck Exiles.


I dig these ideas, it would be great to have these as part of the official building items instead as part of some third party mod.

Would love some double doors. I’d like to see some new skins for the drawbridge. Only one style available and it doesn’t look nice with the new DLC building sets.

A heavy reinforced gate door would be great also. Like the prison style heavy reinforced door they added a while back. I think it’d look so good at the front of anybody building a kingdom.

Please Funcom!

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Yep dbl doors and for the love of Crom let us place fences on sloped walls!

Or make a smaller gate 4x wall size

I would also like to see gateways with a gate and a drawbridge at the same time(like in one gateway). Cuz building like 2 gateway for that, just doesnt look good.

I like the double doors idea.

I would also like to some gates like medieval gates you know the ones that can drop down from the walls like in the old castles.

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