Building ideas (and some other ideas)

I love to build, but some things are missing or might be changed to my opinion:

  1. Basements, with restrictions of size (i.e. 2 x 5 x 5) and placement like the altars (not too close to eachother). Only placable when there is a big enough man made shelter (house/keep) on top of it.
  2. Tunnels (straight) , to connect several basements. Placement like horizontal elevators?
  3. Double doors and doorways (2 x 2).
  4. To me, the gateway looks too high. I wish they cut of the top and make it 3x3.
  5. T1 gates and gateways.
  6. Larger windows. The current ones are a bit too small to me.
  7. Moats, which can be filled with water or pikes, so the usage of drawbridges makes (more) sense.
  8. Different tier drawbriges. The current one looks a bit cheap to a T3 upgraded keep.
  9. We have repair hammers, please also give destruction hammers. I think that will work better/faster when
    demolishing large number of (misplaced) foundations, walls, etc. one by one.
  10. Pick-up and replace (when empty !) for furnaces, workbenches etc. for when the placement was not
    properly done or when you’re remodeling your base.


  1. When looting corpses and harvesting nodes and creatures, I wish you could whitelist and blacklist items
    for looting. For example, I am a hoarder, but at some point even I discard crystals, glass, branches,
    and bark. And human flesh, I always throw away. To me that has no use at all.
  2. Something like an inventory wardrobe, to easily switch between different gear sets and weapons/tools.
  3. Gearing up your carpenter, alchemist, etc. so they don’t wear cold protection gear in the desert and vice

What do you think of my ideas ?


If you’re talking about things that go “into” the terrain, then it’s a huge technical nightmare, and probably not going to happen. I’m not saying it’s technically impossible, few things are, but it’s VERY much more difficult than it sounds.

Yep this and more is suggested all the time

I’d rather have a few more gate options, no need to change the old ones.

Sure, why not. Though I’m okay with it not being there, really.

Sure, options in between tiny (current) windows and doorways (which depending on design can serve as pseudo-windows) would be nice.

See the note on basements for things that modify the terrain. Other than that, you can already build a moat - you just have to plan your building with that in mind. Filling it with water requires building around water to begin with. I’d love “craftable water”, though. It’d open up so very many interesting builds.

Sure, why not.

Eh, pass.

Yes, a much-requested feature also.

The Unreal Engine supports Voxel-Terrain but Conan Exiles actually isn’t built upon it. So it won’t happen.
Unless Funcom redesigns their whole terrain concept and therefore rebuild the whole map.

More building options are always good :slight_smile:

I’m with @Mikey

More building options are always good :slight_smile: (Copy&Paste #1)

More building options are always good :slight_smile: (Copy&Paste #2)
Important: “Add” and not “Replace”

Same problem as with basements. Otherwise they have to design ramparts, which you can place.

More building options are always good :slight_smile: (Copy&Paste #3)

Maybe this would be a little bit too much but I’m with you, for the case that the action wheel feels too clunky for this job…

Expand this also to chests, lockers, wardrobes … every placable which isn’t a building element.

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Nice ideas, buddie.

I, over all, I´m in with the double doors ones and with the windows.
There are some mods that add this options, at least the window ones. They´re similar to use a door and add a fence in the same place.
But I would go further, I hope someone add medieval like windows. You know, the double pointy arched ones. We have a lot of extraordinary building options, even almost full armored knights… then why not to add some more medieval looking for the doors and windows too?
What about the arched doors? All the door frames squared… why? In the ancient times, there was very easy to build squared by using some horizontal wood pillars, but when you had to build in stone, the easy way is with an arch.
To add archways as doors, 2x2 archways and arched windows would be lovely and impressing, counting with the great construction method and options that we already have. Our castles could be memmorables!
I know that Conan isn´t based on the medieval Europe… but the Silent Legion ones are. At least we ´d have the option of chosing squared or arched.

I would love it

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Arches. I know this has come up before, especially with the Aquilonian style of architecture.
Arrowslits - being able to have a wall section for a tower with these that archers could fire through would be awesome.
I definitely like the idea of having varied drawbridges, especially for the DLC’s.
Perhaps an idea for a future DLC, or architectural style: Moorish Spain - having lattice work in walls and windowed areas would be cool.
I know they’ve talked about expanding the vendor’s ability to trade - buy and sell, which would be great.
Expanded list of siege engines - catapults, scorpions, mangonels, mobile wooden walls for archers, etc.

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Crenulations are intended to be arrow slits… but the thralls WILL find a way to hit the only bit of the crenulation that can block their shot. Maximizing defense means placing the fence foundation anti-climb on the foundation or wall the thrall is standing on, not a fence or a crenulation.

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