[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for building

Hello Exiles!

In our ongoing effort to make sure we take your suggestion, input and feedback into consideration for our development and road-maps we would also like to focus on Quality of Life Changes and improvements specifically for building.

That means everything that would make it easier for you to build and place structures.
That does not include new building pieces but mechanics to help you build easier.
We will remove suggestions/replies that are not directly linked to what we are looking for. In these cases, please don’t think we don’t value your input but consider making a separate thread for non QoL related issues. It just makes it easier for us to collect the relevant feedback for the team.

We’ve already noted down suggestions which would fit into this category:

  • Option to pick up all place-ables if inventory is empty
  • Able to see directional indicator (for ie wooden planks and patterns) before placing (link)
  • Shrinking the Capsule around the map room
  • Dyeing/Painting of Buildings
  • Improve snapping (link)
  • Reduce Collision box of tamed dancer thralls (link)
  • Prevent workstations from being placed inside other structures. (link)
  • Add touchpad scrolling for fast exploring items on consoles.
  • More uses for the repair hammer (i.e. reduce repair costs with higher tier hammer) (additional ideas here)
  • Consider binding awning feats to their respective roof tiers. (link)
  • Fix issues where the building system would not let you align easily due to “not aligned enough with the ground” leading to not properly aligned place-ables. (link)
  • Larger Foundation Types (link)
  • Option to zoomout more, similar to overhead view.
  • preview for thrall crafting stations to determine where thralls are facing.
  • Better and more logical grouping/sorting including filters (link)

We would like to check with you if there are any other suggestions you have that would make building more convenient and easier. Feel free to add to this thread and we will collect the suggestions and take them back to the team.

Please keep in mind that we can’t implement every single suggestion for one reason or another (technical most probably) but we promise to look at them and consider/discuss your input.

As always, thank you very much for being part of our community and your ongoing support and feedback :slight_smile:


Being able to see which direction a thrall sits at when you place a workstation.


Musician thralls, which would just serve as glorified jukeboxes. Cause you guys have beautiful music.

Multiple dances for the entertainer thralls.

Horizontal elevators have a bad habit of magically teleporting into the sky.

Allow for sacrificing weaker thralls on various altars. So it’s easier to make room for new ones.

Give a Crom worshippers a flat bonus to all stats, as Crom gives you all the strength you need at birth. That or Crom only quests? Actually, quests for each faith would be awesome!

More uses for farming.

Mount and or pet races tracks, with a start/end and checkpoints.

Thank you!

Oh! Derketo level 4 priest spawns, would be totally awesome!


Hi Velwein,

Thanks for the ideas but can you make a separate thread for these please?
This specific thread is only for Quality of Live Improvements for the Building System specifically :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you could zoom out more, almost like a direct overhead view when placing these new bigger objects.

Is the shelter system considered part of this? Or is that being looked at in a different manner? by that I mean, you can be inside your fully enclosed building and have full shelter. move a little in any direction and it goes away. Doesn’t matter how big or small of a place you build or what tier.

How about a bathhouse or thrall in cages as storage and bamboo.

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This would be for a separate suggestion post :slight_smile:

That would be a different system.

Although this would be more technically demanding, he ability to tag a start point and expand it to an end point in 2 dimensions while placing building peices.

So for instance you could take foundations and click a start point, aim or move to the end point and tag it, and it would build the entire area between the points

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Thanks. I still vote for more zoom out when placing objects. overhead view would be nice so you can see what these big objects are hitting at the back side.

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Another idea would be to essentially build “ghost buildings” you would set down place holders of the building type you wanted to use, both structure and material would be selected, and once you were satisfied with the section you could “approve” it and use a repair hammer to build it.

Moreover this could incorporate a structure that functions much like the thrall and animal feeders, that can be loaded with building materials and will slowly, but constantly repair buildings inside of its radius, or build ghost structures that have been “approved” by the player. This structure could also take over all of the building recepies to massively declutter the players inventory. There’s a lot of options.


Hi Tascha,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a say. I’d like to see some improvements to:

1, A method of demolishing faster.
2, To recoup resources from tiles above the one you have just destroyed as they collapse.
3, Easier identification of a new walls direction when replacing/upgrading an existing one.
4, A way of recycling unused building parts without the need to place and destroy.
5, To be able to tilt foundations
6, To be able to place stairs on a half height foundation down onto another foundation for shorter/half height steps.

And I know this last one ought to be in another list:

It would be nice to have various foundations for cosmetics/landscaping such as a lawn foundation, gravel foundation and sand foundation. Possibly even a planter foundation which we could grow more plants on.


Like in RUST ?

I haven’t played rust since alpha on PC, so I can’t comment on the mechanics sorry.

Almost read that wrong, lol.

  • But being able “pick up” a building piece up to 5-10 seconds after placing would be nice for mis-places. (must be connected to something maybe, to prevent spam land claims.

  • “hide option” in player crafting menu.
    This can be by tier to keep it simple, or full on clickable for any of items.
    This way I can L2 and R2 thru Journal, Map, Stats, Inventory Pages to a “hide” menu. And click on and off, Tier 1 Sandstones, Tier II and Lets say Aquriaun(dlc) off.

So I dont need scroll thru every item. this way when in explore mode, I can build tent, campfire, bed roll without 100+ items in a menu.

In general being able change crafting thralls clothes via crafting table, or making all thralls place-able and pick-up-able be welcome in that regard.

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Increase the repair hammers range as there always seem to be a few pieces in everyone’s builds that are just out of range. Say another foundations range or two?



  1. placebles should snap against walls instead of clipping through walls
  2. the lower part of an elevator should be solid to be snappable so we don’t have to foundation down to align buildings with elevators
  3. upgradable building pieces via repair hammer and materials in inventory (like in Rust)

This would ruin pvp raiding. I’d rather prefer a carpenter thrall that SLOWLY (like 100hp every half hour) repair any connected structure.

It would be great if decorative tatoos on thralls will last until canceled

Clear grass around and underneath foundations and large placeables (or keep it from rendering in an radius around them).