Building suggestions from a PVEer

As a PVE player, form is of equal importance to function. I can understand the simple three-tiers of structures as being all that’s necessary for a PVP-centric game but I like to think that PVE can get some love, too. So here are some thoughts.

It was disappointing to find that the ceilings look so vastly different from the foundations. Since ceilings do double duty as floors and we have to work with the mechanic of foundation support range, it would be nice if we had ceiling tiles with the same texture as the foundations. It would also be nice to have multiple textures available within the same tier. For inspiration on how to implement something like this, I refer you to Minecraft and the X-Tones mod. Each block supports 16 textures and shift+wheel allows the user to scroll the texture of the inventory stack. Blocks placed are instantiated with the stack texture.

Speaking of ceilings, the metal spikes on ceilings and walls might make you feel all very dramatic but they’re an OH&S nightmare! The wall spikes are perfectly positioned to take out an eye (why do games always have such low ceilings?!) and floor spikes are supposed to be on the OUTSIDE of your fortifications, not the inside! I’m all for fantastic things but it’s painful just to look at how close my charater’s head goes to those spikes!

Snapping… it would be nice if there were some options for snapping structures to structures. E.g. some crafting stations are perfectly designed to arrange in clusters. Given the view range during placement, it can be quite difficult to place structures neatly aligned. Considerately placed snapping points (e.g. corners and centres of foundations, walls, ceilings) would make life more pleasant.

It would be nice to have more cosmetic item variety. The number one on my list is lighting. I love the warm white colour and the illumination range of the radium lamps. I’m prepared to pay the material cost for making them, but I don’t like that they resemble a ■■■ toy designed by H.R. Giger. Again, it would be nice to have some alternative designs/textures within each tier.

Is it possible to reduce the collision box of tame dancer thralls? They should present no obstacle to passers by but the collision box is currently way larger than they are.

Is it possible to prevent workstations from being placed inside other structures? At the moment, workstations can be almost completely hidden within walls, within terrain, within other workstations, on top of other workstations and jaunty angles, etc.



…are a complete abomination, and I can only assume the Gods of Chaos were involved in their creation…

Other than that, I largely agree with everything you say.

You deserve a like purely for this part :rofl: I was thinking they look more like something you’d find on Bad Dragon, but same thing, I guess (not ashamed to admit I’ve searched).

I do agree on all points though, especially those metal spikes, they’re nothing but very painful decoration on PvE, the damage they do is a bit insane too, I found out the hard way by trying to climb a wall I placed on my SP save. They only really serve a purpose in PvP to prevent people sneaking into your base if you design it like a fortress and have a high wall surrounding it and they have no ways of effectively breaking it down.

The thing with Dancer thralls annoys me too, I like to have them tightly grouped up, but thanks to that oddly collision box, I can’t really do that, at least the fighter and archer thralls have realistic collision boxes, along with some pets, I have my Rocknoses all in a tightly-packed line formation, with my Silver-Vein Rocknose and Gold-Vein Rocknose on the ends of the line.

The spikes on the crenelations are fine, that’s a building item specifically designed to be anti-climb/defense. It’s all the non-functional ones on foundations, walls and (wtf?!) floors I take issue with.

If they was anti -climbig effect i understand that they are ther but iguess its the spikes tehy are climbing on

I agree. However if you like the aquilonian DLC, that will help you out on that one! I think the same applies on pict DLC as well.

Sure - but you do get how that will leave those stations for access from outside? Also I would prefer that to be active when aligning to the ground is active.

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