More building suggestions

An aesthetic suggestion, and probably something along the color of dyes for buildings, etc.

wall covering materials:
-paneling in various textures already in the game (allowing to apply, for example, sandstone to one section of stonebrick wall - wall maintains stonebrick durability, but on the one face, it looks like sandstone, and on the other, like stonebrick). Implimenting this would allow the default to be the same on both sides, with the option of adding paneling to one side or the other to customize the interior/exterior) Damaging and/or decay of the panels would reveal the true material under it.

floor covering materials:
-carpet (square by square)
-ceramic tile floor - let us create our own mosaics with different colors/patterns

Other ideas:
-larger windows, with the option of casements and shutters (like doors filling doorways).
-sloped roof/rooftop junctions (a junction where higher and lower roofs meet)

Snap to options for placeables:
-cupboards, chests, beds, etc to snap to/line up with walls, eachother, etc - At curser, push button to snap to eligible surface. push button again to snap to a DIFFERENT eligible surface. Cycle through eligible snap surfaces, including free placement (no snap). shift-button to back up one snap surface.

I support all of these. Top of my list would be half-size floor/ceiling pieces though - so often I’d like to add walkways to the outside of buildings, but adding a full-size ceiling piece looks ridiculous (especially on smaller “spirelike” towers).

Now I know it probably won’t happen, since it’d require SO MANY supporting pieces (walls and roofs especially), but I’d still love to have just the half-size floors, and then it’d be up to me to “even it out” so existing walls and roofs would still work: if we could make functional houses with the first iteration of roofs, we could do it with this, too.

But again, it’s unlikely to happen and I understand why.

That is a good idea, I like it.
Everyone would be able to build the Tier he likes and getting the style which is preferred.
Further it would lessen the cost of upgrading the same Tier, happened to me as I was Building the main Tower out of Khitan first and then had to tear it down to build it out of Aquilonian.
With your idea I would just have to re-dress the fronts which would lead to me being able to use all the same Tier troughout my base, currently I used every Tier due to the style it presents.

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