New Building Textures

I very much enjoy building in this game. Would it be possible to get some new building textures in the future? I would suggest a marble texture and/or granite. With the marble, I don’t even need a full on set of everything – marble foundation, ceiling/floor tiles, and circular pillars would be great (well, I suppose walls would be good too…) For granite I really just see it as a color variation of sandstone, possibly cut smoother (rather than made up of multiple stones/bricks).

Silver and gold gilding options crafted at the artisan work table would be nice and fancy too-- I envision emblems of the various races, religions, factions etc. to hang on a wall.

I also would like to see some next level taxidermy – i.e. not merely mounting a head, but fixing up the whole beast in a snarly pose.


i am all for new textures. i propose two:

  1. a new Tier 1 that is wood/stick/fiber or even palm-frond based. can even keep the same thatch roofs. would fit better with jungle or treed areas.

  2. a new tier 3 that is fancy looking marble as you propose, something light grey and white marbled. silver or gold guilding like you propose is an awesome idea.

if they expand the map, i really hope these two cosmetic yet vastly welcomed additions happen. because the buildings are everywhere, it gets kind of old seeing the same things over and over. even a little more variation is welcomed.


Absolutely :smiley:

As of now the only floor even enough for the rugs to look good is the black ice foundation… some simple even floors and dark stone walls would make me a happy gamer !

That reminds me, more carpeting, rug, and tapestry options would be really nice.

Stone tables would be cool too. I think I have seen some in the North, but don’t think they are craft-able.

Yep, the stone table is indeed craftable in the artisan bench as part of the table feat :slight_smile:

I see the June DLC will have new building textures in Khitan style, so there is hope for marble and others later on! :slight_smile:

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Even the ability to paint buildings (perhaps with dye) would be nice


wouldnt it be funnier if we could use orb to splash paint on our wall to make art paintings lol

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Yeah we need the mud/wattle stuff the celts used for roundhouses, very basic stuff if your in the north.

Log and timber style would be great.

What about an igloo style building for the snow?

If they continue to add building textures, which I must assume they will (considering the cosmetic DLC packages), it would be extremely helpful for the Devs on PS4 to add a search function to our primary recipe list, or add tabs so that everything isn’t all in the same screen – it is already quite the chore to sort through them to find what I want. Feats tab already has sub-tabs and a search function. We need that for the actual recipe list as a QoL improvement.


Also, I think it’s would be cool to be able to color buildings, like we can color outfits.

This has been asked in a live stream in early access already and has been answered by a developer with a “No” iirc.

We need some grey stone for the North. All these sandstone huts are just fugly.

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Am I missing something… I just saw this video of someone building with glass tiles and spiral staircases!?

And, I found this on Steam – – basically a building guide referencing glass building materials, spiral stairs, etc.

Was this something in Beta that never made it to launch??

There are mods you can get that allow you to build with glass constructs. My server actually uses them both, since each one comes with different benefits.

Great mod, gives all sorts of higher level weapons/armors, building materials, and lots of stuff to role-play with if you’re into that, or just stuff to have fun with if you love building. One of the extras it brings are glass constructs, which my wife used to make a gigantic glass tower/obstacle course. She has spiral stairs, wall puzzles(some of them glitched so bad that you have to climb the walls in weird places to continue going up, it was a beneficial error, so to speak lol), glass maze, and tiny ninja-warrior obstacle course all along the way to the top.

That’s the one you linked, and it has a lot of nice constructs in it as well. My wife preferred to build with the AoC glass, since it was cheaper to build, but the glass from here connects better with less glitches. They also give you “Greater” stations, such as a “Greater Furnace”, which is a huge furnace that holds a LOT of stuff in it. My base used to have 12 imp. furnaces to ensure I could be efficiency, but thanks to the greater furnace I only have 1 greater and 4 imp. furnaces. The only reason I kept the imp. ones is just in case I needed something specific to smelt, all the while still being able to smelt large amounts alongside it.

So if you don’t mind playing with mods, the glass stuff is a blast to build with. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of glass constructs ever planned to be in the game, so I’m not sure there. I always just assumed these were really nice mods. :slight_smile:

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I see. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I am on PS4 and I don’t think there are any mods there yet, let alone that wonderful glass construct mod. Perhaps one day :slight_smile:

some area specific buildings or building ‘coatings’ (like the fence foundation) could be an option. for example granite that can be found in the north, limestone in the jungle marble in the highlands, slate in the desert, black basalt in the volcano etc. just a few pieces which you can place on current structures to change the style

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How about obsidian.
Could be very decorative as a few bead around your insulated wood or black ice walls.
Or complete decorative walls that are very weak making it a bit risky.

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And, to get really fancy, if they ever implement glass building textures, they should also make stained glass an option. But, I must admit, I’m not sure that really fits with the barbaric Conan theme.