New Construction Assets

A Builders DLC would be phenomenal but just for general game play, internal walls for each Tier. So 4 (sandstone, stone, wood, black ice) walls.

Arena needs sloped pieces. There are some difficult pieces to fit that require using other pieces from the build sets, and adding the addition sloped tunnels to go with the curved ceilings to go over the stairwells, and if you use ramps…

Make the ramps line up properly. They protrude up over the edge instead of fitting like the stairs do, to the adjoining tiles. Perhaps would require 2 types. One with a beveled edge, and the other as it is currently for joining the ramps together.

It would be interesting to be able to color/dye your floors and ceilings.


This, and a wooden version of T1.

Sandstone everywhere is Anakin’s nightmare.


Thank you for asking for internal buiding pieces. I know that if now the game is fantastic, it will become godlike with the adds that you ask. Bravo nice topic


All I want is for the building glitch where you can’t place something for no reason and need to relog to fix it to go away. But yes lets prioritize more stuff instead.

But naw really this is a good idea. I like it.


Yes to all of this. Would love to see more options added.


I agree,

However… I doubt Funcom bothers with all this

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All we have to do is wish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. You never know


Adding to my opening post:
A Builders DLC can have the internal walls utilizing the DLC textures. Also adding some support structures like Vertical and horizontal support beams (wooden/metal) that add extra points to the inherited support of the walls/ceilings/roof structure plus bring in some sort of architectural compatibility with the DLCs.

It’s time to update the banners, tapestries and carpets Some new colors and definitely some new artistry.

The Arena could stand some Inverted/sloped corners for the walls, and perhaps a wedge compatible cornice/arched ceiling.

Addressing the socket issues, so that they connect like they are supposed to, and perhaps making the Pillars have the ability to lock into side sockets versus always in the center. (seriously, support beams to get away from the pillars would be amazing in its own right).

Include a Black Ice version of the ceiling/floor tiles/wedges that do not have the protrusions as they are visually well… sorry, lame. Stubbing one’s foot in the dark when getting up to go to the bathroom sucks. We’ve all done it.

Thanks again.


It is merely a suggestion.

Now by your logic, if you consider that the people who buy just the base game do not have the ability to use the Arena et al due to it being DLC and yet they can see it clearly in their ADMIN panel. That is frustrating in and of itself. So your argument is partially valid.

I am not being paid for logistics. I would hope that those who are being paid for it would come up with a logical solution. The suggestions are simply what I as a builder/player would appreciate, as apparently others do as well.

Surely it would be feasible to beef up a builders DLC with all manner of T1-T3 types of building assets, and still add the Features that coincide with the Current DLCs, that apparently the game has a mechanism to “block” it from users that didn’t buy it. So the same would come into play here. This wouldn’t be a bank breaking purchase. The minimal $5.99 or $7.99 seems fair. Perhaps $9.99 if you added enough features.

adding that originally it was just the idea of adding several internal pieces that would be neutral enough to be used in various scenarios regardless of the exterior textures (door frame, wall, windowed), because frankly I don’t want to have spikes and things on one side of a wall, and trying to get things to match up and look nice is rather frustrating when you get to a junction that “doesn’t” match up.

New map is coming, and maybe with it, new construction assets…because I don’t think the new low level Zone in the new map will be again a desertic zone…So, I think a new T1 will come because the actual T1 builds are desertic thematics…

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