OCD issue: Interior walls

Simple: Add interior walls to fix… issues… That’s all, goodbye.


Care to elaborate on what issues you wish to fix? Some screen shots would be nice for those who need visuals.


I’m guessing this is about most walls having different textures on different sides? If so, then I agree 100%. Sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever go back and add interior walls for existing building sets, but I hope they’ll keep this request in mind for future DLCs.


Ya, They stated they wouldnt go back to adjust DLC’s… thou I hope they would still.

I really want Angle Lattice pieces. Hard to really be happy with some of choices.
Heck even Arena Angle corner pieces be nice.


I normally use the redwood looking one’s Kitan I believe would really be nice to have a interior specific wall something that would highlight shield and weapons racks instead of obscuring Would by another dlc . Think about it Funcom.


Interior walls to fix the issue of having exterior finish bleed into interior finish when making rooms. Unless each floor is a single room, one side has the exterior curse.


Pretty much why I use Stable walls and Stable Foundation walls for alot of my inner homes,

Sucks when it comes to angles, since all of ones I love… don’t come with angle pieces. XD


That’s a shame. It makes me feel less inclined to purchase build sets with the nagging thought that future sets could be more “feature complete” than prior ones, trivial an issue as it may sound.

Consider you can put three walls on a foundation. Set two walls down facing opposite direction from each. There, simple solution, yes?

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That solution requires you to expand the footprint of your base, which will, in turn, require you to provide additional support through pillars.

Yes and No…

If your on PC, and running a really nice rig. Base size means nothing. So doubling walls works.
You can also use Wall Foundations (since they share same look both sides) Have fun placing them…

Not mention amount of landclaim it takes up.

On Consoles… you kinda have to be nit picky. To me, the dips in FPS are noticable… so it bugs hell out of me.
I tend to make sure certain crafting stations are up against “outside” wall. To hide it. You can only hide so much.

Most of my home locations…just do not have that much ground space. I have to really work around it.
I use mostly Stable walls and Wall Foundations and Lattice in my homes, Sucks there no angle pieces that match. =/
Heck another small quirk… I LOVE, Black Ice Foundations look…BUT HATE the stupid little spikes on side that poke out thru walls. XD


Stable/Lattice (both tragically lacking sloped walls for reasons I found… inadequate) and Khitan walls are basically neutral inside or out, hope you like red. Likewise their doorframes are mostly neutral.

Stormglass and Arena are very similar on both sides. There are noticable differences, but they are minor and not blatant.

Yamatai is interesting in that there are distinct differences between the two sides, but neither side screams inside or outside to me.

I wonder how the Nemedian build pieces will be?

Not certain if a base interior wall, a simple wood, stone, or plaster looking affair would help or clash with two many build pieces/styles.
While I personally would love an off-white or better yet just unpainted wood version of the Khitan wall and sloped walls for interior support, I’m not certain it would be flexible enough to justify as a suggestion.
Honestly, if Stable had sloped walls and a frame + door (no, not the lattice one), I would be happy. But they’ve already noted they will not go back and add to DLCs… which is tragic given how incomplete some of them are.


Seems like Funcom is listening to this kind of feedback, since the Nemedian walls in today’s stream looked like they use the same texture on both sides.


totally forgot todays stream… and I was even home for once. T___T


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