Walls with same look on both sides

I have disliked the look of walls having an interior/exterior look since day one and when the Khitlan DLC came out with the same look on both sides, I was stupid stoked. Exterior wall looks on the inside of a building drives my OCD nuts. So when this new DLC came out, I knew I personally am not fond of the Aquilonian armor style so I waited to see if the walls were like Khitlan. If they were the same on both sides, I would have bought it even though I wouldn’t wear the armor so if you guys could see it in your hearts to maybe implement a new building piece for interior walls for those of us with bad OCD, that would be great.
Or if there is a modder out there who could help us out… I just downloaded UE and the devkit, but I am sure it’s going to be a while before I can even figure out the basics lol. That dang devkit is 150g for crying out loud.


Along those lines, why did the devs not put in plain white marble assets with the new DLC? It is hard to use it as a foundation, for example, because it is so busy. Why didn’t they just add plain versions of their building assets?

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