Blood and Sand DLC - disappointing

The new Arena building material is great EXCEPT, You can’t attach a drawbridge to the Arena Gate, Wooden signposts come up blank on this building material, the arched pieces are fairly limiting (at least to my limited ability), in finding ways to make them work well. There are no sloped pieces so inevitably it will require mixing building styles together to achieve anything worth looking at. There are no roof pieces - the arena’s are only open?

Some exceptional builders have made some rather nice looking arenas. But with these problems, I find it hard to do. So for the average builder, I would not spend the money on this one. Is like they didn’t finish it. Disappointed FUNCOM.

Personally, I find it uplifting that this is not just a reskin of the same old pieces (we already have five packs like that), but actually features some new elements. Now I would have loved even more new options (wouldn’t we all), but at least this “proves” that reskins are not the only thing possible.

Of course the catacomb-like tunnel pieces can’t truly shine since there’s no way to go underground*, but they’re still cool.

The mechanical shortcomings you mention, however, should probably be reported as bugs, rather than accepted as intentional choices.

*except that which must not be named


Thanks Mikey, you are right, there are some GOOD elements and after much fuss I made what I consider one of my better builds. Yet I am still struggling with the arch ways. Guess I will have to wait for a YouTube video to show me what what, lol. Will post those bugs you mentioned.

running the Arena building materials, my dumbness prevailed - in no way is it intended to be anything but square. The arches do not conform to wedge pieces. Intentional? Some of the most famous Arena’s in Rome were ROUND! Disappointed again!

Mikey - I have been able to achieve an “underground feel” by building on slopes

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