Blood & Sand building piece issues (Arena style)

Game mode: [All]
Problem: [Bug/Error]

After building extensively with the Arena building pieces, I’ve run into a few problems regarding how the DLC style looks and how it interacts with wooden signs and its own Arena Doors.

Here’s a link to a video that demonstrates the issue with wooden signs. When the Outer Face is pointing in a general direction (Southward, from memory) signs phase through a glitched section brick or something.

The second issue I’ve encountered is a noticeable gap between the top & bottom of any combination of wall, doorframe or window frame when placed on top of each other.

The final issue I’ve encountered is with the Arena doors, mainly when placed in Arena Doorframes. The hinges on both the (visibly) wooden and metal barred doors don’t line up with the doorframe when open in either direction.

I noticed the doors of the arena set does not line up after building 2 small towers for archer defense. It is really annoying to see that the doors look to be shifted a bit to the side of the door handle side when set into place in the door frame.

Hi @tobbiusness, we’ve registered these issues for the team to look into, thank you for taking the time to report them!

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