Missing buidling pieces (Blood and Sand)

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The Blood and Sand DLC does not include Arena Fence Foundations. Every other block set includes this piece (fence foundation), and it is extremely jarring to be unable to use arena building pieces in the same manner as every other building set without mismatching non-set fence foundation pieces to make up for their absence - especially since this is part of a paid cosmetic DLC. Given that this could be rectified by creating the piece and using the Arena Wall graphic/3d object with the same mechanical characteristics as every other Tier 3 fence foundation, the omission is extremely confusing.


Hey @Zayzane

Other players raised this question in the past. Arena fence foundations are not one of the pieces included in this pack nor were planned to be in it.

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It’s true that Blood and Sand is missing the fence foundation. But if you have Riders of Hyboria, the stable fence foundation blends in pretty well:

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