No fence foundations with Blood & Sand DLC?

There are no fence foundations with this DLC. Is this intended? I know you deliberately left out the slanted roof pieces on this one but fence foundations are pretty basic and integral to a lot of builds. Did you mean to leave them out or is this just an oversight? Can they possibly be added in a patch?


As a dedicated fence foundation used, I wonder also. And I do hope the dev will add them !

Didn’t see any so far.
But let’s also say it’s not a regular building pack, it’s bit special.
Maybe if we ask nicely they may add some for the fence-fan, who knows. :wink:

Hey @Alexandria

Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news. Arena-themed fence foundations are not planned to come as part of the Blood and Sand DLC nor were planned to be included as they were not considered necessary for a building set such as this one.
Apologies for the frustration.


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