Aquilionian Fence Foundations will not lock to any foundation

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

I am testing the new DLC building pieces and it looks like the Aquilionian square foundations are not allowing the fence foundations to snap to them. I tried black ice fence foundations and they did not work either but they did upgrade a building where I had stone brick foundations just fine. I also tried the Aquilionian Fence Foundation on my older buildings and they won’t snap there. So perhaps a bug there on fence foundations and not foundations, no see below no type of fence foundations will snap to Aquilionian foundations. The message “Cannot place overlapping another object” The Aquilionian Fences, on the other hand are snapping just fine.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build Aquilionian foundations and place them
  2. Build Aquilionian Fence Foundations and Fences
  3. Try snapping Fence Foundations to foundations - any foundation and they won’t snap.
  4. Any type of Fence Foundations will NOT snap to Aquilionian Foundations yet.
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This phenomena occurs with every Fence Foundation. There is a workaround for this problem but it’s still a bug.
I’ll open an other thread with this workaround.

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Thank you where thread?

Just posted it on the general section. Unfortunately I can’t post images because of forum rules.

Thanks I will take a look

I guess pictures would help as I am not able to use the work around. I added a ceiling, tried putting on a fence but it still won’t allow an fence foundation to snap to any foundation. I hope that when you can post a picture you will do so and I will see what you have done. Thanks again for answering. I didn’t use fence foundations for a LONG time so guess I will go back to not using them until this bug gets fixed.

seems like nothing will snap to the face of a foundation any more… used to be able to put a blank wall over a foundation to make it look nicer, not just the fence foundations…

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you can no more ! :disappointed_relieved:

I took the liberty of making a video showing the workaround Thyris described… It works. It does not solve all problems, but it works.

my workaround is a nice mod.

But still, this are helps and workarounds. They changed so much cause of exploit and griefings that building itself can become tedious. I think it’s mostly bad, because the game is also intended that we can build good bases.
The building-system was great to me in early-acces, unfortunately it started with the first anti-exploit and griefing patch, and still is going on.

I play mostly on my own server or make tests in SP, so i don’t care so much, but still less fun, and not easy for modders to adapte after each patch nor.

So It looks like you start with fence foundations in the ground already? Then add a ceiling, wall then fence foundation? I will try that, let me know if I didn’t get it correct

Actually currently the new DLC you can’t stack the square foundations on themselves. so of course you can’t stack the Fence foundation on it. The best work around is to build everything in sandstone then override with the T3 DLC. The only thing that won’t overide and is bugged badly is the Gate. I would say it cost more materials, but actually in the long run if you are destroying pieces because of misplacement or just didn’t like how that wall went up, then you are saving brick.

Finaly I’m now able to post images. As @Yajirobe explained in the video, here to read:

  1. A fence fundation won’t snap to a regular foundation

  2. Even if you place a fence on top of the foundation the fence foundation would not snap

  3. To snap a fence foundation perfectly to the foundation, you have to place a ceiling element to the foundation it self

  4. Even then the fence foundation would not snap to the ceiling

  5. Place a fence element on top of the ceiling and now the fence foundation will snap to the fence itself

  6. Now you’ll have basic placement of the fence foundation where you can build upon.

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Yup, you are correct.

No Fence Foundations work like that anymore, maybe they want it like that to keep you from making as strong foundations? It sucks though cuz it looks awful with the walls sticking out a decimeter or two out of the foundations :stuck_out_tongue:

I can stack the foundations fine.

Thanks for the clarification, hopefully it is NOT on purpose and is just a table problem as they had those fence foundations snapping like we wanted them to.

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