Fence foundations don't snap to foundations

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

Before last patch, I could snap a fence foundation onto the face of foundation.
This is no longer possible.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a cube foundation.
  2. Snap a fence foundation so it attaches alongside any face of the cube foundation.
  3. It will only allow snapping “out from” the cube foundation.

Yup, I can confirm this is true, fence foundations don’t snap, only snaps onto previously placed fence foundations when upgrading to a higher tier

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“Good” to hear you have the same issue.
Was starting to wonder if something was borked in my game only.

This is a pretty big deal if you ask me. I use fence foundations all the time and they are pretty much useless now.
Walls on foundations have a gap along the floor since I can’t put the fence foundations down.

I was in the middle of creating a new outpost and had to remake the whole thing due to this issue.
And I can forget about continuing on the other bases.
Meh… I smell code ala spaghetti!
And you no touch di spaghett if it a smella good!

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So it looks like this is “fixed” in the 500 patch after skimming the patchnotes.
However, it was not broken before last patch on xbox.

So I conclude that the recent parity patch brought with it bugs from PC and we now have to wait for the big kahuna to come to consoles.

Yeah man, I use fence foundations all the time, kinda disappointed they weren’t working but if it’s getting fixed, awesome!

From my understanding they were never mentioned to be able to stack to foundations that was a bug. However there is still a work around. Just have to play with it and it will still work. I can’t say how cause it’s supposably an exploit. So I will say it’s still possible just have to play with it till you figure it out.

Did they say they are putting this back the way it was before, or do we just assume it will be “fixed” in a future patch. Do they consider having them not snap to be a “fix”? Very frustrating…I play just on single player but it’s great for base building/ role play to be able to snap these on foundations

It would be really great to get some clarity on the intended use of the building blocks from the devs.

If you take a look at the 500 patch notes it states:

Fence foundations should be attachable to regular Foundations and Wedge Foundations

Fixed an issue with foundations where it was possible to create a double layer of protection.

There are several ways, or at least there were, to make walls that took the space of a regular foundation. So I would really like to know exactly the issue they’re addressing.

My common use case for fence foundations to cover normal foundations since I don’t like how the foundations looks alone.
Fence foundations also gives walls on foundation a baseboard. A wall on a foundation will have gaps and a foundation covers that up nicely.
So to me, they serve an important aesthetic purpose.

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Im having same issue on xbox one dismantled some to make base changes and couldn’t put any back up.

Same problem today with Khitan fence foundation. before the last patch everything works fine for me. and now… Funcom really… give us more time on the testserver or check everything twice. That make no fun.