Fence foundations with latest patch

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]


I cannot place fence foundations on foundations anymore. Wanted behaviour or bug ?
It’s sad if it’s not a bug as it allowed reinforcements but also better aesthetics and building strategy in survival mode.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a foundation
  2. Try to place a fence foundation on it

For me, PC + Single player & official PVP server, fence foundations only seem to place on the first foundation touching the landscape, and not on ones above… And it’s wokny. They will place on some sides, but not others.

Confirmed and really displeased if intended, this allowed for some really creative building and definitely took a chunk of the fun away from it from me.

So funcom refues to fix actual game-breaking bugs, and tweaks things like this that really don’t need to be touched for anyone’s benefit.

Funcom is literally a** backwards

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After a bit of testing it looks like fence foundations are all messed up:

  1. you can put them on a foundation like a wall with no anchor in the ground which was previously impossible,
  2. you can no longer snap them to the sides of foundations in any previously possible way, they wont find a snap point weather you try to place it touching the wall, or as an extention weather perpendicular or as continuation,
  3. you can still snap them to other fence foundations but it’s all wonky, it looks like the priority for snapping moved from end-sections to mid sections, as long as you build them in a single line you can kinda work around it, but when you try to make a T shaped layout the ones connecting the lines try to snap to middle and only to the middle part, it seems like there’s no end-section snap point at all.

Its build snapping being finicky. I hoped into the game to check what was up and discovered that while I was not able to snap a fence foundation to a floor foundation, I was able to snap a floor foundation to a fence foundation. So… put the fence foundations down first for now, I guess.

I am having the same problem . . . . . I WAS RENNOVATING BASES BROKEN BY THE WEDGE FOUNDATION BUG. Now square foundations are broken. Don’t you test this stuff? Or do you just do not care?

I can’t snap any fence foundations to any wedge or square foundations.

Building is what keeps me coming back for this game and this is a pretty big issue for me. If this is just a bug that is going to be fixed then okay. I was already not happy when they made it so walls do not snap to foundation fronts anymore. So I used fence foundations instead. Most foundations are just ugly to look at when to much is showing or stacked on each other.

If this is an intended change then that is a problem. Maybe if there is some sort of PvP issue or balance issue then make foundation covers that can be built just for show, like you turned the wooden wall studs into. I have no care for their tactical use just for looks.

Confirmed that you can not snap any fence foundation on any foundation. This seems to have happened only when you put out the new DLC. If this was done for a reason this sorely breaks PvP Defense on a base or a wall, if the wall is build correctly.

Here’s hoping it’s a bug and they fix it ASAP … I suspect it is a bug … it would be worthy of being mentioned in the patch notes otherwise.

Re: your issue of putting walls against foundation pieces … there is a way around this when you are building … out the wall pieces on TOP of the lower foundation piece and then place the foundation inside it and build up this way.

This is true and I do that, however when building on hills this becomes a bit harder, for some parts I can use a floor instead of a foundation and then build a wall under it to fill in the same area but for more slanted hills there are problems. Right now I am just using better looking foundation parts but on buildings I was about half done with I will just have to wait and see if there will be a fix.

We’ve noted it down. Thanks for the reports!


I confirm: the foundation fences have ceased to be attached to the foundations. This applies to all types of foundation fences that are in the game - checked. They do not matter height, touching the ground, etc. At the same time foundation fences are attached only to each other.
This is an unpleasant problem for everyone who loves to build something a little better than just a hut under a grass roof :wink:. Fix it quickly, please.

LOL I love your post Constantine!

Tascha, I am really disappointed with the bug team. I will leave it as professional disappointment. Years ago, my friend was the product manager for a Might and Magic release, so I am not unfamiliar with the development process. SMH.

While you are looking at Fence Foundations not snapping to Foundations, would you please check Wooden Awnings not snapping either? I get ‘must snap to a component’ or ’ collision can not occupy same space’. I will start another thread on this one.

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While you are looking at Fence Foundations not snapping to Foundations, would you please check Wooden Awnings not snapping either? I get ‘must snap to a component’ or ’ collision can not occupy same space’. I will start another thread on this one.

No problem with awnings (I’m on a solo test game) for me as you can see here : awning snap test


not my experience but ty for checking.

thanks. just having the same issue after the latest patch. Thought I was going crazy

There is a problem - only with one kind of awnings: with a “direct” canopy from the set “reinforced stone.” All the others work as they should, but this one does not fit in with other objects.

“First…They took your ability to place walls against foundations… Then they took your fence foundations… what will you do exile?” I blame @Scooper :smiling_imp:

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