Fence foundation does not snap right on wedges

Fence foundations are behaving wrong in relation with wedges.

Try it and you see, its an old bug but you don’t seem to fix it?

You’re going to need to be way more specific. Not nearly enough information for anyone to use here.

I’m guessing (maybe?) you are referring to the fact you can’t snap on all 3 sides of the triangle? It’s been acknowledged many times, but ultimately cannot be fixed due to the anti-exploit utility.

People used Fence Foundations for exploitive measures, Funcom isn’t going to undo those changes so they can resume using those old exploits.


Start the game and try some foundations on a wegde. If alls is fine it’s oke with me.

A lot of times I can’t place fence foundation on wedged fence only on two sides. And it’s not that you have removed it. The triangle pieces are snapped on square ones from one of the sides. And for some reason I can’t place fence foundation on some of the wedged foundations, while i can on others.
As a faster that waiting for official fix i redesigned my structure, to some dissapointment that i didn’t get to build the thing i wanted.

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