[PC] Problem with Fence Foundations (with temporary workaround)

It seems that there is a problem with snapping fence foundations.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Build foundations and place them
  2. Build fence foundations and fences
  3. Try snapping fence foundations to foundations - any foundation and they won’t snap.
  4. Any type of fence foundations will NOT snap to foundations yet.


  1. A fence fundation won’t snap to a regular foundation

  2. Even if you place a fence on top of the foundation the fence foundation would not snap

  3. To snap a fence foundation perfectly to the foundation, you have to place a ceiling element to the foundation it self

  4. Even then the fence foundation would not snap to the ceiling

  5. Place a fence element on top of the ceiling and now the fence foundation will snap to the fence itself

  6. Now you’ll have basic placement of the fence foundation where you can build upon.


I took the liberty to make a video showing… I hope I did it right

And thank you for this workaround


Try placing a gate on the foundations…

Just got the “Thrust level” for adding images :grin:
Updated the opening post.

@Yajirobe: Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

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