The fences of the foundations - talked and forgotten?


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The fact that all the fences of the foundations in the game are not functional, the developers have already forgotten? Is it really such a difficult problem that you need to wait for months to correct it?


I do wish the fence pieces locked in end-to-end rather than end-to-middle. Why do I need that extra fence foundation at the corners of every pen?

Other than the issue above, the foundation for the fence stone and the wooden fence appear to be working for me. Which type of materials are you using?


I think that it only “appear” to you :smirk:.
I checked all the foundations fences with all the foundations - in no case do they work the way they used to.
The only option, as now it is possible to install a fence foundation - to attach it perpendicular to the previously (before the appearance of this bug) established fence foundation.


What does this mean?
I use the stone and the wooden styles and they work as I expect them to save for the not connecting at a right angle, which I think the should. Are you saying that the fence pieces are not working and I just don’t see it?


T1 fences foundations place better then all others, however they used to hang from ceiling tiles and you could also snap crenelation tiles to bottom of ceiling tiles. Used to be able to skin basic foundations with fence foundations for a different look and to seal the gaps. The DLC foundations (fence and basic)are bugged and you sometimes can’t stack unless your overriding a lower tier pre-stacked.


Listen, I admit, of course, the thought that this problem may not be present on all servers - although this is very doubtful. I have a private server, singleplay.
Only last night I again checked various combinations of foundations and fundation fences: a protected tree, a fortified stone, a brick, Khitan buildings (foundations and three- and four-cornered). In no combination of foundation fences are attached to the foundation blocks, in general!
I did not check only T1, because it is not interesting to me for a long time.


What are you talking about? About the fences? Or about foundation fences? The incoherent flow of a text :thinking:


This is being fixed but not in the next patch, however they will get it fixed after that patch. I believe Tascha said it a few days ago.


Yes, I remember that answer. A few days later, there was a testlive patch, in which there is no correction of this bug. As there is no mention of him in the “Issues Status - PC”. Developers do not remember their promises very well, as it seems to me :wink:.


This is happening in my server too (SA). U can’t place any fence foundation.


I read this as the foundation fences are not working

I said they are working for me and asked which ones are not working for you

I read this as you checked all the styles of fences and foundations and you found they did not work for you. I did not understand why you say they only “appear” to me.

I asked for clarification on your meaning.

I am referring to the building pieces that are used as a fence either on block foundations or on the foundations designed for fences alone and the actual foundations designed for the fences. I am referring to both as they both function for me.
—you are being rude and it is never necessary.


I enjoy building an armor shell around my base, made of foundations coated with walls.
Usually I build like this:

Outer Wall facing outwards | Foundation | Inner Wall facing inwards

In order to achieve this, you need to build the inner wall, then outer wall first, then place the foundation in the sandwhich last.

But whenever a foundation is already placed, one can add a “coating” of fence foundations on the side of the foundation, like wallpaper. That was an extremely good feature, just as permanent warpaint was.


Yes, I also checked the foundation fences from the sandstone and from the Aquilon DLC. It’s the same: no foundation fences are attached to any foundation blocks.
It is possible to attach foundation fences to each other - but not to the foundations.


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