Arena Fence Foundations are needed

For once, i want to nitpick. They are missing. Building bases imho would profit.


So are hatch frames/hatches, ramps, sloping and roof pieces.

I get that this isn’t a ‘true’ building dlc, but not having those makes it feel incomplete.

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I don’t mind not having rooftops (plenty in other sets), but having walls and frames but no matching sloping pieces or wall caps is definitely problematic!

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I think the thought is that most arenas of that time were open air, with no need for roof pieces. And the gladiators dungeons were catacomb like (arched tunnels, etc.) The pieces that aren’t there are for more proper bases. this is supposed to tie directly to the theme of arena and gladiators, not build another monster base on a server. The arena can be the center piece, but should be different in the aesthetics, and not part of the normal city theme/village one builds on RP servers. But that is just my humble opinion. As for PVP, we are just going to see if we can find a way to cheese the pieces for more protection lol.

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I´ve experimented with combining the arena pieces with sandstone and reinforced stone and the new pieces look like wet in comparison. I think that´s ok as inside dungeon but weird outside in the desert. I have to try using them in the jungle. Inside buildings the new ceiling options are awesome (want more).

The lack of a roof is no big, but missing fence foundations that match is huge. Many servers, like my own, are asking that people avoid block foundations as much as possible. We fall back on fence foundations for building.Without the fence founds, sloped pieces etc, we cannot build creatively using the new DLC.

Just out of curiosity, why do they ask this? Is it simply for aesthetics on the outer face, or do they not want you using them internally either? Trying my best to figure out what purpose this serves, but I need an assist.

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