New building pieces for every building style

hey, i just took a look at the new building pieces from the arena style. i really like the new building pieces, especially the ones with a new shape. and for an arena theese style should look great. what i hope for the feature is that we get the new shapes of building pieces for every building style. espacially i need the inverted stair corner - the one which comes with the new arena building but not with other styles. the “arena vaulted” building pieces would be a great addition for every style too although that one may not look good with every style, but for example with aquilonian or black ice? i would build that xD


10000% this!

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Could not agree more!

The new pieces look cool, But it would look like a trashcan with my Aquilonian castle, and those brick styled worn down pieces :slight_smile:

Make all the new pieces in every style avaible, and for god sake INCLUDE GLASS ffs!

Such an easy way to really enhance ALL the buildings…


yeah for me conan exiles became a building simulator xDD after i cleared all dungeons and farmed for the armors i just enjoy building my base and more variety in the building pieces would be awesame for my base. things as inverted staircase (should be easy to add), or a half foundation/ceiling (i know that would be way harder, you would have to adjust new walls/railings) but that would upgrade my basedesign so much <3 xD

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