Arena and stable: the color!

Aquilonian, Turanian buildings have their own styles… ok.
Arena, stables buidings pieces could be used with different styles of architectures.
Arena pieces could be done in an aquilonian or Argosian white color version ? no??
Same things with the stable pieces (riders of Hyboria) which are today in a dark wood brown version. Could we have a DLC in a white and blue argosian/aquilonian version of these pieces?

I never try to dye “en masse” these building pieces with a pretty white color.

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hell no, I like them as they are

Like armor, make building pieces dye-able (with multiple sections for different colors). Keep the defaults like we have, but let us ‘decorate’ if we want to.

For example, transforming an Aquilonian blue-white foundation into a red-white foundation.

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I think they meant new versions.
Which is something I kinda want for Stables, so they can have variants. (so many pieces already…)

Kinda wish Stage and Tree Parts had some other colors.

This would be pretty cool! xD I do believe Funcom said they werent going to implement painting building pieces though because it would require a rework of them or something along those lines. My memory gets worse the older I get haha!

There is a mod that adds it kinda… but its more of a workaround as in it “tints” the buildings, I was having a look at it last night. Also from what I remember and understand is when placed the buildings that are snapped are considered one piece so everything attached is painted in the same color and the option for just one piece isnt there? That was what I got from it but I also only skimmed it. It was the Chroma mod which I do believe has been added to the “Emberlight” mod, just in case anyone wants to go have a look at the explanation they gave for it :smiley:

I could get behind both paintable buildings or recolours for buildings =D The more building options the better because honestly the building in Conan is just amazing! xD

I like the dark versions too, of course!!!
But I would like white versions to be married with Aquilonian and argosian buildings.
There are some wood pillars in the stable set which are the only pillars we can put on the square sides.

By the way… the dying way to do it … seems to be a bit complicated

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