Painting building parts

It should be possible to paint building parts. I for exampIe would love to have my whole village in the aquillonian design. But not every buidling should be white/blue.


Yeah, it is a cool concept, but how do keep people from making everything crazy rainbow colors? I think they left out the option to dye everything for immersion’s sake.

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I prefer the immersion to the freedom of choice, honestly. There’s plenty of creativity within the restrictions they’ve set and I don’t care to see somebody’s technicolor dreamcoat factory as I turn the corner.


Same way dyeing clothes works - the dye’s brightness depends on the base color and ends up pretty muted and dark in most cases. I tried to dye a Zingaran Freebooter shirt light yellow and it ended up leathery brown.

It could be an easy way to upgrate greatly building system.

Being able to paint building pieces is a popular request. Made several times although not recently.
Ages ago Funcom said it was not something they were considering adding.
But we can continue to ask.

I love this idea! As for immersion, funcom didnt seem to care with coloring gear and neither did the players when they began dying their gear in gawd awful color patterns. I say bring on the PAINT :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather prefer building types to not over due the entire skittles collections that will come from staright dying. Maybe moss (dark muted green) stone (t3), gray stone (light gray) (t2), log cabin (dark pine) (t2),bamboo huts (hay yellow) (t1). That gives some texture and color variety

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I’d like to be able to blend different styles together more. Match the colour of Frontier fences with insulated wooden walls or vice versa. That sort of thing.

Cool idea. I think fresco style might be a good way to keep the immersion. I don’t want any crazy neoncolored T3 castles.

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What? YOu don;t want Unicorn mounts and Care Bear Pets :slight_smile:

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