Building coloration biome dependant?

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some thoughts on an issue that’s bugging me since the introductionof the frozen north … :thinking:

T1 (Sandstone) and T2 (Brick) buildings look TERRIBLY out of place in the north.

‘So go forth and build your Datscha of wood’ you might say … it was my impulse at first since the wooden parts are looking absolutely marvellous.
But a) not everyone has the same taste for wooden shacks and b) we all likey variety when we stroll throught the highlands and icey mountains.
Some time ago there was the implication of a building dye system but I think that’s gotten thrown over board as of now. I also think that would have been a real pain in the a… coughs our behinds, dyeing our shacks/castles/cities piece by frekkin piece and just imagine what some (very) crazy people would have made from that … but let’s not dwell over pink castles and instead get to the point:

Why not give the textures of T1 and T2 (stone) a new ‘layer’ that dyes them dependant on the biome they’re built in? Leave them sandy-brown-kind-o-orange-ish in the desert biome, make it light to mid-grey for the north and a kind of darker/browner grey for the ‘Swample’ biome (nearly dropped death from laughter when you pulled that one out during the last stream :rofl:).

Is something like that possible to implement at all?

Thanks a lot for reading this and have a merry bunch of fun!


Man, I would love this. Sandstone looks terrible in the north. It sticks out like a sore thumb, it makes zero sense (was all this sandstone imported?), and just makes the north look incomplete and inconsistent.

But you have to use Sandstone if you plan on testing out the structure of your base before actually building it. There’s no wooden alternative, which is where I would say the real issue is.

I hope they’re working on an alternative Tier 1. I’m guessing that they are, for the eastern swamp biome. Maybe something cheap, made of wood, and excellent for building scaffolding.

Also, I think when the devs discussed coloring buildings, they suggested something like a building ‘skins’ system. I feel like such a system would be awesome.


With The revamp of the Craft system it would be possible i guess to unlock either three types of branches or add variations :

1 - 3 ways to go. - 1 line for Desert like we know it. With T1Sandstone - T2Stonebrick - T3Reinforced Stone.
- 2 line for Northern Region lwk it. With T1Crappy Wood -T2 Insulated Wood -T3Black Ice.
- 3 line for the incoming region. With T1Mud or equivalent -T2 Wood… -T3 Stone…

Either you unlock each part independently OR you unlock all types of buildings at each tier.

Making three separates branches would mean more specialization of the builders. Might be interesting on Roleplaying server, dunno if PVP and/or PVE would agree with this at all :sweat_smile:

A new T1 wooden structure tile would be a very good compromise for this. I wouldn’t like to specialize in different architecture types because I like to mix the different types. T1 sandstone or T2 brick are looking great together with T2 wooden structures. A skin system for building would be great for future. Looking forward for the golden gate of my city, the obsidian floors of my throneroom and the the silver halls of my palace :heart_eyes:

While I would very mucho appreciate a new wood/bamboo styled T1 (especially for swample biome) I just thought dyeing T1&T2 stone parts biome dependant would be a viable, quick and visually appealing solution, emphasis on ‘quick’.

Actually a combination of both would be perfect so also the stone-building-fans can move to the north without getting eye cancer whenever they’re looking at their endeavours …

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This is a good solution, and to prevent buildings of the wrong line as you said, they could decay faster if built in the wrong zone.

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Yeah for sure. That would be a nice solution to use the decay system to prevent people hurting our eyes with Sandstone buildings in the snow.

But as said above, a dye system for the existing crafting tiers would be interesting with some additional Tiers for every biome and the incoming swamp one.

Biome dependant building coloration would be awesome!

I would suggest to add T1 wooden buildings. Also necessary to make so that to build in the north sandy buildings it was not favorable.
Otherwise, in different biomes there is a certain color of the stone. Need make buildings of this color that has on the location. For example, In the north the stone is gray. If the player decided to build a sandstone base in the north, the color of the building must have the color of the stone in the location.

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they look wrong because their not supposed to be used in the north

You’re perfectly right with that statement!

But there’s a ton of stone in the north too so why not give us some means of put them to good use?

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I was actually going to suggest this myself! The stone in the North is grey, so why not make it grey when we build with it? Absolutely makes sense.

Yes.makes total sense…gray stone should make gray bricks for building.i agree!

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