Tier 1 building DLC

I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T complain about the fact that ONLY the desert has a Tier 1 building material…rock that looks hideously ORANGE anywhere but the desert. Yes, I get that the other biomes are supposed to be “harder” but that doesn’t mean that players don’t want to be able to throw up quick shelters in them that aren’t horribly out-of-place-looking. I think a thoughtful DLC that addresses this issue would be more popular than you might think.

And PLEASE… INTERIOR walls that look THE SAME on both sides! I can’t believe this is still such an oversight!


I vote “yes” on this one!

Here, here! Having T1 structures match their biome may be nice. I’d also like to see style packs expanded to cover the T1 and T2 materials. For instance; Yamatai could be simple, unadorned plaster walls with light wooden frames and a cobblestone base and tiled roofs for both T1 and T2.

Additionally, It’d be awesome to paint our structures.


I would be happy enough with a crude wooden t1 for north and some seemingly falling apart hut made from lots of fiber, wood and rock for the jungle. Like jungle huts. That would look awesome!
As for t2, jungle might then lack one too, but idk if people are really sad about that… I mean… it’s dumb to upgrade to t2 in the first place.

Which then brings another suggestion up:
Basic tent being handcrafted at lvl 1 + t1 at lvl 10 + t2 at lvl 30 + t3 at lvl 50+.
I dont know about this though…


Frankly any of these of these suggestions would be good. Another potential building material is one I suggested in my most recent suggestions list. Create clay/mud nodes, and make ‘Mudbrick’ a new T1 building material. A mudbrick: a mixture mud with a binding material such as straw (plant fibre and ‘clay’). Mudbricks are known to have been used since around 7000-6000 BC. Furthermore, since 4000 BC, mudbricks have also been fired, to increase their strength and durability. Here are two possibilities in one material.

We need a new T1 building material. We need to entice new players to stick with the game by showing them variety, depth and variance.


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