New Alternative Tiers for buildings

I would like to see :

Tier 0

Bone, straw, little branches and pelt homes and tents , to have eventually moving camps or very low tier ones … totally destructable by iron weapons and up.

Make the tiers from 1 up undestructable by weapons apart doors, All doors should be diestructable with pickaxes, axes, swords and all those king of weapons with varying degree of success… only doors.
Also reinforced doors , done with improving the doors exhistant should be immune to those weapons …

Tier 1 :

Tinder and wood buildings for North with insulation capabilities
Mud and straw buildings for Swamp and Jungle areas.

Because the building do not match the surrounding style of the environments and create an unpleasant view.

Tier 2

Jungle stone carved buildings for Jungle areas

Tier 3

Reinforced Stone carved buildings for Jungle areas

Also make rocks picked in the different zones alter the colors of the construction so that if I build an arenaria wall in North I have t ouse the local stones and will look gray and not red … do not allow mixing of stone types so no red and gray wall next to a red one and so on , but you could eventually allow mixed stones so create a wall made of alternate colored pieces … but that too much I guess and not really needed , just make incompatible the two walls next to each other eventually to preserve a visual style.

Reinforcing Tiers With Upgrades…

In order to preserve the visual style of the tiers, if someone wants to keep the look of a tier one or two , allow to improve the walls with reinforcements to be able to upgrade to a resistance of tier 2 the tier 1 without changing the visual appearence … and so on with the other walls …


Like my idea of the new tiers?

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I like the idea of a new buildings pieces from the swamp which the game is lacking right now, but i can wait for that untill most of the bugs are dealt with.
The first one you describe is dafari style, right, i know a mate who is very found of that style, and i agree it doesn’t look bad actually.
Could be cool to get sthing volcano oriented too, like building pieces with obsidian mats incorporated in it.

but i may have misunderstood your thread, so my apologies about that if it is the case.

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Thanks glad you like the ideas, hope the devs too .

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I woul dreally lkove to see, that, I would even go as far as mod them myself, but then I would need to play on a private server and private servers suck .

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