Please Add Tier 1 & Tier 2 Building Pieces To The DLC's

Would it be possible to get Tier 1 & 2 building pieces added to future DLC’s for more Tier 1 & 2 variety? Not everyone uses just Tier 3 buildings. Thanks much for reading.


Yeah, I’d love that as well. A bit more variety for T1 and T2 would be great.


I’d go with that.
When I build black ice I like to throw in some t2 insulated wood to give a bit of variety. Would be great to have this option for Khitan and aquilonian.

Neat idea. I would love to see a tier 1 made of wood instead of stone. You would think people from Norway would have done that! LOL.

I could see a basic fiber based lean to to give shelter. Such a flimsy affair might be damaged by sandstorms, but keep you alive through one.

Tier 1 basic wood (with a bit of iron as nails and bracing) would be the equivalent of stone.

DLCs could be the same, just each adding its own style.


I’d love thatchy mud huts made of fiber and branches. I’d go full Darfari.

I’d love to see Igloos made of normal ice and go full Inupyat.

Maybe even wood and iron, and go full black hand.

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