DLC building piece temperature insulation types

It would be nice to see what the building piece actually insulates against before we create it since dlc doesn’t use the same recipe if it insulates against cold. Or shift the recipe for dlc buildings so we know what they insulate against heat or cold. I’d be happy for either. Also when inside buildings that insulate against the cold for tier 3 I’ve noticed little difference between inside and outside unless I put a ton of fireplaces in the buildings it would be nice if they could tweak that a little bit.

On a small side note for the tier 3 buildings since we use black ice by this point can there be a type of glass made maybe by the alchemist where you combine glass and black ice to strengthen the glass to put into the window frames so that the windows actually insulate against the outside world. I like making buildings with enough windows to see what’s outside. Also maybe make tier 3 windows a bit larger so you can actually look out and enjoy your view.

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