Has anyone notice the temperature insulation effect of buildings?

It says Wooden Buildings such as Insulated Wood and Black Ice Reinforced have Cold insulation ability, but I never notice such things.

And same as Stone Brick and Reinforced Stone buildings, it is Heat insulation in their description, but I do not feel specific change of temperature of my toon.

Also heard some people saying ‘they’ mentioned about new t2/t3 buildings for Swamp area like they released new t2/t3 buildings for Highland area before.

However, I guess that’s not gonna be happened, and they locked the contents and are already about to launch the game.

But anyway, I wouldn’t mind even if they remove the effect of temp insulation from Stone type/ Wooden type that doesn’t seem to help much.


Has anyone notice the temperature insulation effect of buildings?


It has been a while since i built in Insulated wood but it does offer you a thermal difference.
I see people in the desert all the time building in Black Ice and I wonder just WTF is going on in their heads since you will get heat exhaustion in them.

Not necessarily. It’s quite possible these resources and recipes are hidden in a developer build that they’re not releasing until launch…like the actual terrain for the swungle and volcano. We’ve since only got the fillet of what’s coming…like the “vines” resource.

No, it does not. Building materials are solely an aesthetic choice. They offer zero protection from or exasperation of temperature. You can build black ice in the desert; you can build stone in the frozen peaks. It makes absolutely no difference.

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Buildings do offer resistance. You can see it in game both in the temperature gauge and the stats page when standing in them with the shelter buff.

If you are in the desert with insulated wood, next to a furnace, wearing Nordeheimer armor, you will get hot or extremely hot.

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Maybe so, but you should be getting heatstroke at that rate. I’ve never noticed the ambient temperature effect of buildings or furnaces. It should maybe be amped up a few notches.

This would also help with preventing T1 sandstone from being used to build up north. That material just looks horrendous, since the stone is an unnatural color compared to the grey stone of the north.

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I hope so otherwise, I would be disappointed.

Desert isn’t as hot as it was prior to the combat revamp. Its about neutral temp with no effects. So sandstone and exile armor will make it quite cool, even with the heat sources.

The buildings are working as intended. The environment is the issue you’re describing.

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@Taemien’s right. If you want dramatic and simple proof, admin yourself to the snowy top level at Icespire Chasm. Build a small bice-reinforced hut and you get four cold buffs. Make the next level of the hut sandstone/warm tier and you get no benefit at all, even if the floor is cold tier.

I have always noticed temp differences in the building materials, they have toned down the temp system a bit though since I would have to strip down when in the north in a insulated wooden structure with a fireplace. I would get heat stroke there.

It used to be much different. A room of 10 furnaces going at once with a few torches could get you heat stroke.

They have dialed it back a fair bit because it was kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure they have it right at the moment. It is better than it was but it is just a little too far in the opposite direction.

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