Building Temperature Effects?

Does the type of building actually affect your temperature in the current build? According to the wiki, certain structure types help with heat or cold (ex: Black Ice is apparently good for cold temperature areas). Yet when I search around the interwebs, it seems that building type actually doesn’t affect your temperature, and I often find the wiki is not up to date. So I’m wondering if building temperature effects are still in the game or if they have been patched out.

I’m curious because I am about to upgrade my volcano base to (hopefully) black ice, but I don’t want to do that if it’s going to further make my character get heatstroke. Especially since I have it right next to the volcano obelisk (I have an easily accessible map room, water, dancers, and glow torches to help fellow exiles who travel to the volcano). Thanks for any info!

I do believe it still works as described here: Building Pieces + Temperature Resistances:

Edit: I have not tried whether stacking foundations changes anything in this regards. May try for science later.

Edit2: Tltr.
The building material only really matters in case of extreme temperatures.
If you build in a hot area with cold resistance pieces, you will have the same body temperature.
If you build in a hot area with heat resistance pieces, you will have a lower body temperature.
If you build in a cold area with heat resistance pieces, you will have the same body temperature.
If you build in a cold area with cold resistance pieces, you will have a higher body temperature.

This is a bit of a debated issue, I have run tests that indicate building material does matter.
and if you build with a cold protect mat like black ice, in a hot area you will get heat stroke.

Other people have also run tests and concluded the opposite and will vehemently defend their findings.

All I can say is many people die while offline, sometimes it’s because of temperature change.

I have been playing since before the temperature system was implemented.

When it was introduced I ran tests, when people argued with me about building material, I did more testing.

Every test I ran indicated that choosing the wrong mat in the wrong area, will kill you if you log out in that base.

However there are temperate zones where this will not happen.

Regardless of where you build and what material you choose, it’s advisable to put all weapons, gear and armor in a chest prior to logging out, the character should have nothing in inventory and be naked, so if you do die while off line you wont lose anything.

In closing I would like to say that in all the time I’ve been playing I have never built a main base with the wrong material for the area and I have never died while off line.

Agree with the above. If I were you, I would load singleplayer, spawn some building pieces and build a small test base in the desired area and see what happens :woman_shrugging:


Hrm…so tonight I’ll use my warp to the north, build a small insulated wood hut, act like my high school crush is around and get nekkid just to see if I can viably yell “It’s just cold, this isn’t normal size!”

Will post results if somebody doesn’t do this before I do.

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For the most part I don’t think it really matters what material you use unless you’re in one of the temperature extreme zones. Even then, it largely depends on how you build. Windows and doorways will have an effect, as will things like forges, cook fires, torches, braziers and glowsticks.

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So since there still seems to be no definitive answer, I tested it myself in single player on PS4 with default settings. I tested several things and I will provide the findings first, and the methodology second.

Finding 1
Building materials do have an effect on temperature of your character. BUT, they seem to only have a positive effect. By this I mean that a heat building (ex: Aquilonian) can help push your temp down in hot areas, but a cool building (ex: Black Ice) won’t push your temp up in hot areas.
Implications: This means that you don’t need to worry too much about which building type you use in any area unless you want a bonus to dealing with that area’s temperature. So if you want to build a Black Ice building in the volcano, you can, it won’t push your temp any higher than it would be with no building. But if you want a temp bonus from your building, that is still also possible: building an Aquilonian building in the volcano will help lower your temperature.
Comments: I actually like this. It feels like getting the best of both worlds and doesn’t penalize you too much for creating a building with the style you like best.

Finding 2
Only walls and ceilings (above you) seem to affect the character’s temp. Floors (aka what you are standing on), whether it is foundations or ceilings do not seem to have any effect on the character’s temp. Interestingly, you only need one, either walls or ceilings, to have the same effect on the character’s temp. If you have both, they do not seem to have more of an effect (check images 3 & 4 for the reasoning).
Implications: You only need to have either the walls or the ceilings have the desired temp effect to get that effect, for example you could have Black Ice foundations and walls, but Aquilonian ceilings in the volcano to get the same level of heat reduction as an entirely Aquilonian building.
Comments: This makes sense because otherwise there would probably have to be some complicated formula to determine how much temp effect you would get from each building piece which would be hard to build around.

Finding 3
Since I was already doing temperature experiments, I tested normal, glow, witchfire, and radium standing torches. Normal torches have a heating effect, glow torches have a cooling effect, and both witchfire and radium torches did not seem to have any temp effect. I did this by spawning in some after my initial tests and seeing what they did.

In single-player on PS4, I went to the structure housing the obelisk in the Volcano region. I put enough heat reduction armor on to get my default temp as “Very Hot” so that any changes in temp would be visible. I then built separate, non-attached, 3x3 square buildings with 4 high walls and flat ceilings along with a doorframe and closed door. I varied which pieces were Black Ice, and which were Aquilonian to see their effect on character temp when inside and under full “Sheltered” condition. I would then walk into each structure, close the door, get full “Sheltered”, then wait several minutes for the character temp to change and stabilize. No torches were in the buildings at all (that would have tainted the results). Below are the results, and form the reasoning behind my above conclusions.

Image 0 – Outside

This is just the default temp with the gear I have on showing I am next to the obelisk in the Volcano for this experiment.

Image 1 – Black Ice Foundations, Walls, and Ceilings

There was absolutely no change in character temp upon entering as compared to outside.

Image 2 – Aquilonian Foundations, Walls, and Ceilings

There was a noticeable change to character temp as it went down to “Soothing” purely by being inside the structure.

Image 3 – Black Ice Foundations with Aquilonian Walls and Ceilings

Notice that the character temp also went down to “Soothing”, and to the same level as with all Aquilonian building pieces. 1st part of the reasoning behind Finding 2.

Image 4 – Black Ice Foundations and Walls with Aquilonian Ceilings

Again, notice that the character temp also went down to “Soothing”, and to the same level as with all Aquilonian building pieces. 2nd part of the reasoning behind Finding 2. I couldn’t figure out an angle that would show there are Aquilonian ceilings along with the Black Ice Foundations, but the fact that is looks exactly like Image 1 yet the temp is “Soothing” should tell you there obviously is something different going on in this image.

Image 5 – Aquilonian Foundations with Black Ice Walls and Ceilings

Notice that there was no change whatsoever from the temp outside just as in Image 1. Again, along with Image 3, this proves the floor has no effect.

I also did 2 more tests. One with Black Ice Foundations and Ceilings with Aquilonian Walls which again had the same cooling effect as Images 2, 3, and 4. Another with Aquilonian Ceilings tiles as floors with Black Ice Walls and Ceilings which again had no effect like in Image 5. I did not add these as images because they would look exactly the same as Image 3 and Image 5 respectively, so you’ll just have to take my word on those (I swear I’m not lying!).

Again, this was done in single-player on PS4 with default server settings. It was done only in the Volcano region with Black Ice and Aquilonian structures. Therefore it is possible that these results may vary in different conditions. This would indicate different game mechanics though which seems unlikely, but I wanted to make sure you knew the full scope of the testing I implemented.

Final Word: I wasn’t initially going to write basically a research paper on this, but I ended up typing it up and saying, “Ah what the heck, might as well make it as accurate as possible”. So hopefully this helps anyone else searching for the same answers. Also, Funcom, please keep these settings the same. I like how they are now, and I don’t want this post to become obsolete with some random patch in the future lol. Have a good one exiles!


@Porkins14 Thanks for taking the time to post it, this basically confirms my findings as described in my earlier post.

Interesting finding on the walls/celings. I havent thought about that.

My experience has been as Porkins14 has detailed in his findings. When building in extreme temperature zones, you can still use the incorrect material if you so wish to, you must just remember to offset whatever the temperature will be with the armor you wear upon logging out. You can also use the torches described above to offset the lack of temperature buff from using the wrong material in the wrong area. However you can also use torches to make the effect worse, I.E make a warm area even warmer or a cold area even colder… Why would one do this you may wonder… Well lets just say climbing isn’tas easy to do when dealing with extreme temps and so if you want to prevent unwanted guests from climbing over your tower like a jungle gym, well this can be achieved with the right design and torch use nudge nudge, wink wink

Our last base was in a pretty warm climate and built out of Arena (no temp effect). We soon found that when running the kilns it was quite easy to die of heatstroke. Changed the interior to Aqualonian and the problem went away.

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I have built a base next to the sinkhole with stonebrick and insulated wood. In the insulated wood areas, the temp did get toasty. I currently have a base completely built in Pictish south of the hand of the maker. If I wear flawless hot armor in my base, I usually get cold condition.

you missed an important part of what I said, the logging out part.
your armor effects and stats do not work when you are logged out.

I think you may have just been lucky, I could link a dozen threads from people who were not so lucky.

I haven’t tested the below and can’t until I get off work. It’s just an idea that might help.

If they haven’t patched it out, Glowing Standing/Wall Torches reduce temperature in a vertical column with no height limit. So the cooling is the same 1 foundation piece up as it is 100. Since you want to redo your base, you could raise your floor 1 foundation level and place Glowing Standing Torches in the middle of each tile, under the floor. Like make a box 1 foundation in size, put a Glowing Standing Torch in the middle of the foundation and have that ceiling be your actual floor. That should cool everything above it. If you need more cooling, place another down. I’m not sure of the cooling radius so you’ll have to experiment with positions of the torches.


Waiting for out of town guests to go away. Then will test further. Hopefully.

I concur with this assessment.

As a side-note, if the glowing goop torches cool, do you think the witchfire torches should warm?

But who knows if the effects are going to last.

On the other hand black ice builds are cold. That means that they are very good for the volcano. The warmest structure is the wooden. Don’t forget to fix glowing coop lights. When you finish your building, start walking naked putting glowing coop lights until your temperature comes to normal. It is highly important your residence to have normal temperature. Plus over your oven place some more lights, but keep them of. When your oven works you will get a heatstroke really fast. To avoid this turn on the lights to stabilize the temperature :wink:. For more intel communicate with Wak4863, i am sure he will have something good to add.

Good for what, to cook someone?

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Where are his pants?

Black ice IS wood, the full name is black ice reinforced wooden whatever.
And it’s cold protect so It’s good for cold areas.
It’s just the Tier 3 material that was introduced with the highland biome
Insolated wood is just the Tier 2 material for the same area.

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I would think Aquilonian would be best for volcano area.

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