Remove Temperature Alignment from buildings

I think all building types should be temp neutral, making a completed building neither hot, nor cold when completed. Any building type can be built in any climate to protect against any temperature extremes.

Completed black ice building in volcano would allow you to remove your armor and not have heat stroke.
Completed black ice building on the coldest North mountain top would allow you to remove your armor and not get frost bite.

Also, windows should not eliminate the temp protections.

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Lets wait till last 2 Journal entries get fixed, before they break 2 others. XD

But i agree, it be nice if building were temp-neutral.

Eh…some buildings are designed better to retain heat and warmth. Or to retain cold. That’s the purpose of insulation.

Black Ice, it just seems weird to me that it wouldn’t melt in a volcano. But then, to me it’s just ice still. I haven’t gone that far north. I cut out on playing back around January or so for MH World and it’s festival.

And right now my PS4 wants me to download 40gb to patch to the latest. Which is going to take me a couple weeks of getting pieces, and not something I relish doing until probably mid-May or later.

We just need more building types that are region appropriate.

Thatch stuff to go out in the eastern jungles and along the rivers, which would keep things cool and look nice.

More insulated variants for the colder climates to retain heat. And a tent with fire pit to also use in cold climates as a tribal alternative.

I imagine the idea behind this is a progression one, as so much else is. You gotta get good enough to craft the stuff necessary to survive in the different areas. Instead of just running NW with a sandstone house.

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