Change heat and cold effect on T3 buildings

We can craft t2 insulated insulated wooden and t3 black ice for cold, but we have five t3 (reinforced stone aquilonian,khitan,yamatai,turan and maybe 3 other after the dlc release)for heat area
Is it possible to change.
aquilonian and turan for heat areas.
khitan and yamatai for cold.
Maybe other players like this too.

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Just a idea, they have only change the shaped wood with the insulated. Hope the other 3 dlc give us more for frozen north

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Seems to me that a T2 structure should focus more on heat since it would be most often used by lower level players. (I do like the look of the insulated wooden structure and have used it in the Highlands.)

Black ice buildings also need isolated wood… So what does it do? Cool you because of black ice? Warm you because of isolated wood?

Do buildings type have effects? Should they? I have black-ice stuff in the desert…

Khitan is already cold insulated.

Turan gives a resistance against cold too.

Turan is heat, Khitan is the only cold DLC besides Frontier unless they changed something recently.

But more to the OP I think he’s asking for other T3 besides black ice to be made with insulated wood.

If it is insulated, shouldn’t keep the temperatures of the inside and the outside separated. Keep warm when it is gold out and keep cool when it is hot (because of the shade.)

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