What are the current insulation effects in 2021 of T3 building types

I have tried to find out what are the insulating effects of various cultural T3 building types but I can’t seem to find anything that is both current and definitive. I just recently came back to Conan Exiles from a long hiatus and when I last played certain types of building such as Khitani gave resistance to cold while other types such as Aquilonian gave resistance to heat. Is this still the case? Does anyone know what sort of insulating values the new Argossian building pieces give? I would really appreciate some help on this matter as I am just about ready to start building a fortress butted up against the mountain ridge opposite to the Frost Giant fortress. I need to be mindful of the cold there and would normally go with Khitani building pieces but the new Argossian building pieces look really nice. I don’t want to commit though and find out later that Argossian architecture is not suited for the high north.

From what I’ve seen all buildings give protection for both hot and cold now

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Thanks for the replies, folks. This allows me to commit to Argossian building elements with no fear of getting frozen. Best part of building where I am about to build is that it does not interrupt any black ice deposits, is safe from the meteors, and has no local fauna spawns near it. Once I get done, it will be safe from purges as well because it will be literally hanging off the side of a mountain.

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Hasn’t happened yet to us with our other base in the desert that is also tucked away safely. We do have purges turned on and our purge meter has been solid purple for a very long time.

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Where can I get acquainted with this? I also have problems with the arrival of purge, although it seems that I do everything according to the well-known rules and recommendations …

Nothing like having Frost Giants or Yetis in your bedroom. Actually have not had a purge spawn inside for probably over a year.

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He wasn’t meaning an actual list, it’s that people over time have come up with a number of common problems. To put purge eccentricities in a list would require full testing, simply because purges are rare, and unless you’re a game tester for fun and/or profit there is little data about them to the contrary.

On my last server, several of the locations I chose were very bad for the purge monsters. As in, they could spawn, but often inside rocks. And I’d get start/stop… and ended, all the time.

After significant play time, players here are generally able to give you a good reason why your purge is having trouble. If you screenshot your build site, I bet one of the good folks here will know just by looking at it.


Well, I had two purges last night. First one was Cimmerians and the second one was yetis. End result: scafolding that was set up to assist building construction is gone but the castle itself is pristine and untouched. It’s out of reach for them. I guess the true test will be frost giants.

Barnes, thanks, purge comes to me on a regular basis now, but I achieved it empirically. For example, I found that purge was being blocked by a animal pen placed near the base, as well as finding bedding inside the building, despite the fact that the doors were open. This is strange, this has not been observed before, so I asked.

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