Building Sets Temperature?

@fito I have decided to test your report:

You are correct:
Turanian (which was heat resistance) now makes you hotter in a hot area and you keep the same temperature in the cold.
Argossean/Arena (which were neutral) now warm you up in cold areas and you keep the same temperature in the hot areas.
Black Ice (which was cold resistance) - now warms you up in cold areas and you keep the same temperature in the hot areas.

I can’t check the other DLCs (due to the bug) but it seems that Turanian got the wrong temperature setting while the rest seem ok?

PSA: It seems that the heat resistance building sets now make you even warmer. This is very likely not intended. I doubt that the devs will have time to fix this by tomorrow.


I’m on Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP and I’m seeing that sandstone doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I’m in the south end of A9 and the ambient temperature is hot. When I move inside a sandstone hut that I built, the temp increases to very hot.

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Thank you, I doubt this is going to be resolved by tomorrow but let’s check tomorrow with the live build again and report it if it is still an issue.

it appears that new armor insulation system made building insulation go full reverse, hope it get’s fixed before tomorrow

not exactly, it seems that the cold sets work properly (black ice for example) but yeah there are some that do not.

When I look at TestLive now, even the Reinforced Stone is malfunctioning and warming me up in a warm area.

I checked Black Ice before and didn’t notice anything special, good eye @Narelle :+1: All buildings should now insulate the temperature the same with the new update right? I’m a bit confused.

I think because devs introduced this negative energy thing to handle both hot and cold at the same time and current building system get’s confused - it’s a theory mind you

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Well, thank goodness temperature extremes no longer do any damage. :crazy_face:

I suspect someone just screwed up some db entries. It happens all the time in all sorts of different development environments.

To be quite honest, I don’t know how they are supposed to work now :smiley:

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If they don’t fix it, we’ll burn :fire: in our :sleeping_bed: beds! But not because of love :heart: :flushed:

Let’s think positively. :+1:

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