Which structures are cold resist?

So, I’m rebuilding my lost empire in Single-player. I looked far and wide and there is no spot quite like the perfectly flat and large lake in the Mounds.

Safe, Purge Friendly, Water source, obilisk, nestled in a no-build zone, not too far from Starmetal, Iron, Wood, Stone, high level NPC drops.

Since the update, Aquilonian marble actually caused me to freeze at my former base on an official server. Considering my massive base was made with a lot of marble, it was… unpractical to upgrade.

Now that I can turn a new leaf, I want to build it proper. But then, I considered my options…

Black Ice, Insulated Wood, Khitan and … what else?

Im not sure there is anything that is 100% freeze/heat proof if thats what your asking

I have a few bases in the frozen lands with different types of builds and none of them keep me fully warm I still need proper gear on indoors

Hrm. Alright.

I’ll just run some science then; gonna build 2x2 with all materials, stand in those structures all bare-boobed.

Default temperature at the mounds is extremely cold in aquilonian marble, when wearing heat resist outfits, so it’ll be a control group to test all the other materials against.

Dying to know how effective turanian, frontier, yamatai and arena sets r gonna be.

Ok, i’m back with my test results.

Buildings that are warm:
Insulated Wood, Black Ice, Khitan.

Buildings that are cool:
Everything made with brick except Khitan.

I even tested Frontier, Yamatai, Turan, Aquilonian and Arena. They are all cool structures.

Conclusion: Well crap. Guess I’m stuck with the ugly stuff. I can only augment the outside with the nice looking stuff. Inside needs to be Insulated Wood, Black Ice or Khitan.

I was actually expecting Frontier to be warm buildings…but… considering the fur armor stuff is cool clothing apparently, I donnoh what to expect.

I still stand true to my belief that temperature resist needs to be just that. Temperature resist. Cold and heat roled into one stat, the strength of which depends on armor quality.

As long as Lemurian clothing is warm clothing, and Frontier clothing is cool clothing, I think logic has nothing to do with it.

It’s nice that there’s an option for wearing revealing things in the north, and vice versa, wearing a fur-wrap in hot regions… but it’d be nice if we had more options for the structures too.

Now I know what most people are going to think: “Just swap to a warm outfit and you’ll be fine.” considering I’m using fashionist Mod, that’s kinda fine…but It’s tedious having to swap armor everytime you go down south for Brimstone, or teleport with maproom from mounds to volcano, having to carry 2 suits of armor.

It’s the oldest gripe in the game. One would think we’d have these things addressed by the golden age of gold bikinis and mounts.


…and it’s all it seems to me. Just too few cold-resist types of buildings in this game with such big frozen biome.

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Hey…not bad. The Khitan walls look the same outside facing and inward facing. They make for the perfect room dividers while offering structural support. That red adds a warm feel to the interior too.


Temp and temp resist are a really weird thing in this game.

Just the other day, I was running through Sepermeru at noon wearing my full Pictish flawless chieftain furs, shivering from the cold (as one does, when wearing furs in the desert at noon). I switched to Aquilonian flawless infantry and as the day ended I actually hit Very Cold at one point. I’m sitting in my house at 20 degrees feeling a little warm, my character is in the desert wearing leather and steel and freezing his bits off.

My base is a mix of Frontier, Black Ice, and Aquilonian. The AQ stuff looks so damn good, but dear god has it been glitchy recently. The game can’t decide if it wants to actually register that the foundations exist or not. Some sections I can run on, so sections I do the float hop, some I just run around with my head sticking out the top as I walk on the ground. All the while I’m naked because the armor makes me too cold or hot.


Also, why is Khitan stuff cold resist? Khitan is not a cold region, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for it to be a cold focused set.

And why is Frontier heat-resist? Northern building set… Don’t search any logic in CE temperature resist system, my friend!

Because Frontier stand for the border between Pictishland and Aquilonia, also know as the Bossonian Marches. IT IS NOT A COLD AREA. The climate there goes from temperate to hot in the south near ZIngara.

For the Pictish border the temperature isn’t spelled out, although simply based on where it is geographically a much better argument could be made for low temperate to cold, than temperate to hot. You could say the southern part is warmer and humid, at best.

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But they wear fur… Pictish armor looks warmer than my outfit for our Russian winter, and my winter clothes easily stand minus 20-25 grad Celsium. And all our houses here in Russia are cold-resist of course in spite of some hot weeks in summer. If my home IRL was heat-resist to make me comfy in July I would die of cold in February even with hot heating radiators in every room.

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Have you tryed setting up some fireplaces? They used to give some heat, but I haven’t tryed them after the temperature rework.

They work now OK, just next to it you’ll be too hot in your cold-resist armor. But radius is 1 foundation only, maybe a little more.

Khitai is a big place, meant to be the Hyborian Age version of China. Much of it is mountainous, so it makes sense that cold weather is pretty usual in Khitai.


Look at a map of Hyboria and you’ll see were exactly is the Frontier. It isn’t hard it follows the Thunder River. Then read Conan story “Beyond the Thunder River” (I think it’s the right title in english). It’s the main source of information about the Picts and their land. If you still believe that Pictishland is a cold place after that, then your case is desperate.

This thread has some recent and great experimentation to show how the temperature protections work.

The axis I’m still vague on is how this intersects with personal gear, alas.

I’m aware of the locations and geography. ‘Beyond the Black River’ takes place in the south part of the region near and south of Velitrium. I said it would range from temperate to cold. That region spans a huge section, but to say it would be primarily hot makes no sense.

Aquilonia and Pictish lands would he similar in temp, for game purposes if anything they should both be temp neutral for the highlands and savannah biomes.

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The Pictish Wilderness is home to beasts like giant snakes and panthers, which are more commonly found in warmer climates in the real world, and the Picts themselves are described as wearing little in the way of clothing, so it’s not likely to be cold, at least not for most of the year.

But you’re right, the Pictish Wilderness spans a wide area from north to south, so regional variety in climate and wildlife sounds reasonable. On the other hand, Howard was no expert world-builder, so the Pictish Wilderness in its original form doesn’t necessarily make sense from a realistic perspective.

Yea, my argument is more because the Pictish armor is fur based, and in his world that became the British isles region. I would like a temp neutral set, so I could stand inside my house in the highlands without being very hot.

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