Building material hot or cold?

Hey guys!!

When I build a base different building materials have heat or cold symbol to it. Does it mean keeps you cold or hot just as the gear/armor?

Example Aquilonian is heat so is that mean I should use it in desert where is hot?

yes I am not sure though on if the system works perfectly for every building types , I can assure you building in hot places with isolated wood is a bad idea :wink:


I think it also depends on ventilation (pretty sure I saw that on another post of the same subject) having windows or other openings like no roof or ceiling neutralizes the temp resistance. Again this isn’t something I’ve personally tested just something I read somewhere.

Armor cold/heat > Building cold/heat.

Extreme areas? Using right building type can help if your into standing naked inside… rest of map? Doesn’t matter. Inless your decked out in wrong armor in, wrong house type, next to your fireplace. XD

Volcano is pretty touchy, and using right one is super handy from bursting into flames.

Cold areas, Torches and other heat sources will solve most issues.

Desert? Don’t worry about it.


thank you

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