Building Insulation Temperature Bug

Game mode: ALL, PC
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: ALL
Region: North America

I don’t know if this is a thing, but experimenting in the volcano I built two 4x4 structures.
Need more inputs from other players.

Both are T3 Vanilla Basic Building Materials.

Structure 1 is T3 Reinforced Stonebrick - Heat insulated.
Structure 2 is T3 Black-Ice Reinforced Wood - Cold Insulated.

#1 Left me Hotter in the volcano than #2 which is reverse of what is stated by their heat/cold insulation values.

I tested naked and waited at least 1 minute in each building and the bar for temperature lowered 1 more time with Black-Ice than the Re-Stonebrick.

This happens in official servers and single-player PC.

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