Building heat insulation calculations incorrect [bug]

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: US
Mods: None

The building pieces used to specify if they were heat or cold insulated but now only show “insulated”. The building pieces still appear to have a specific insulation provided in that they will only provide insulation if in the appropriate environment (cold for black ice, hot for reinforced stone).

The cold insulating buildings in cold areas (black ice, stormglass) are calculating correctly by being a pure insulation increase. The bug is with heat insulating buildings (reinforced stone) in hot areas overwriting gear insulation with a negative outcome. You can start with 3 bars of heat insulation while naked, then putting on gear will first subtract heat insulation down to 0 or 1 then build back upwards making it your cold insulating buildings better to use in hot areas for a higher net heat insulation.

Inside heat insulating building (volcano/heat gear)
Inside naked: 3 bars
1 piece of gear: 2 bars
2 pieces: 0 bars
3 pieces: 2 bars
4 pieces: 3 bars
5 pieces: 4 bars

Inside cold insulating building (volcano/heat gear)
Naked: 0 bars
1 piece: 2 bars
2 pieces: 3 bars
3 pieces: 4 bars
4 pieces: 5 bars
5 pieces: 7 bars

Inside heat insulating building (volcano/cold gear)
Inside naked: 3 bars
1 piece of gear: 2 bars
2 pieces: 2 bars
3 pieces: 1 bars
4 pieces: 1 bars
5 pieces: 2 bars

Inside cold insulating building (volcano/cold gear)
Naked: 0 bars
1 piece: 1 bars
2 pieces: 2 bars
3 pieces: 3 bars
4 pieces: 3 bars
5 pieces: 4 bars

Right now, heat insulating buildings make temps worse in hot areas

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build 2 small shelters in the volcano area (I used the flat platform near the obelisk). 1 black ice, 1 reinforced stone. I built shelters that were square, 4 foundation, 15 walls (2 walls high), 1 doorway, 1 door, 4 ceilings. Shelters were spaced apart from each other.
  2. Enter each building naked, go into the stats screen and note resistances (insulation). Add 1 piece of heat gear (Relic hunters works. I used flawless version), go into stats screen and note resistances. Repeat for each additional piece of gear until fully geared (5 pieces)
  3. Repeat step 2 with cold resist gear (vanir fur works. I used flawless version)
  4. Repeat entire process in a cold area (frostbite area over the frozen lake) to see cold resists work correctly.

Hey @Psycho1

Thanks for the detailed feedback.
We’ve recently reworked how temperature works in game. You can read more details about this in our announcement:

There was also an issue affecting insulation in buildings, which we addressed in our latest hotfix:

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Thank you for the update and quick fix of the issue.

It now looks like all buildings are meant to insulate in all climates so you can use whichever you prefer. While this does make everything easier, it does kill a bit of immersion and does now make at least half of the building sets completely worthless and redundant.

The change to gear is also a bit weird since I can now wear my vanir fur set in the volcano without any heat stroke issues. It does make sense to have hot gear not reduce temperature in cold areas but makes no sense for cold gear to protect you from the heat. It would be like wearing a ski jacket in the desert and expecting to be cooler than someone wearing nothing. I can now make a medium armor set and wear it in all locations to reduce temps to acceptable ranges with no points in vitality making 90%+ of all gear sets in the game worthless and redundant now.

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