Buildings "Shelter Temperature" calculation is completely broken

Game mode: Online official and Single-player tested
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE tested, probably all
Region: US

Having spent a couple of days tracking down how it’s supposed to work (in Conan Exiles DevKit) and then run tests in both single player and on official server 1502? I’m pretty sure that heat/cold resistance on buildings is turned off altogether.

As confirmed by dev “Robtheswede” on the modders’ Discord (many, many thanks!) desert building blocks (sandstone, stonebrick, reinforced stone, Aquilonian) are supposed to lower the temperature inside by 15 degrees, times whatever percent the Shelter meter is reading. Highlands desert building blocks (insulated wood, black ice reinforced wood, Khitan) are suppoed to raise the temperature inside by 15 degrees, times whatever percent the Shelter meter is reading.

Using the simplified game world in DevKit in single-player mode, and then again near Sepermeru on official online server 1502, I built three 2x2 huts 1 block high (4 foundations, 1 door frame, 7 window frames, 4 ceilings) out of sandstone, stonebrick, and reinforced stone. I went into each one and found the spot where the Shelter meter was full. The temperature gauge didn’t move any of those times. The same thing happened when I tried it in Single Player mode in DevKit.

To double check, I went to larger bases, one in Aquilonian, one in Khitan, and one in Black Ice. As soon as I moved away from all heat sources, temperature went right back to where it was outside.

  1. Build a completely undecorated base out of any of the 7 in-game materials, anywhere in game, big enough that you can get the Shelter buff to 100%.
  2. Compare the temperature gauge inside and outside.
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I have a sandstone house near the Shattered Basin and well. Fully sheltered.
My kitchen area is so freaking hot that I recieved the journey perk “Survived the Heat of a Volcano”.

I attepted to cool it off with witchfire but that seems to not work either.

My kitchen area is literally more dangerous than some world bosses.

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