Building Snow Castles

It would be quite interesting to have a DLC (not Turan :wink: ) that is completely snow-friendly.

A re-skin of the Black Ice building pieces to make them cloud white - not as in Aquilonian - but slightly roughed up surface-wise and an off-white colour (not yellow doggie-factor snow though…)

Since yetis have finally been added formally, it would be nice to have more snow related options?

Thoughts and comments?


You know, a lot of us have been discussing alternate T1 materials that better fit the biome they are built in. Fashioning compacted snow into blocks as a T1 option sounds like it would be right up that alley. If nothing else it would be a… cool option.

Yeeeaaah… :sunglasses:



just want to point out that building t1 in north is little bit mess, as purge easyly destroy structures and most players at north have fire orbs to melt your snow castle

iam not against it, but it should be at least t2

That’s why I suggested Black Ice reskinned (T3)

Let’s just get the game up to par before anything else.

For PC, Age of Calamitous (ColdEmbrace) mod introduces different building materials like solid white marble. Also, Glass Construction & more adds glass walls/doors.

Yep indeed. The glass is very nice, but there are only so many mods one can load. AoC is a great mod in that it can almost stand alone, but if you need more then not so much - especially if you want to stay mainly int he Conan genre.

We have allready the ice-force in game, so this could be used, at least to get some recipes, or some starter mats.
Or ice and obsidian, bit ice and fire like. I think there could be lot of ideas and variations.

But in the same ideas, some smaller ice-huts for npc’s would also look cool.

yea but no one wants T1 up in frozen north when the purge comes to visit!

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